Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom and Sean Connery - Photo from her Facebook page

Mom and Sean Connery – Photo from her Facebook page

That’s my Mom, Sylvia Bright. It’s her birthday today and I ask that you go give her good wishes on her Facebook page. She’s there often. We live about a 13 hour drive apart so I don’t get to see her often. Still I’d like to make her birthday special so stuff her comments with well wishes. If you aren’t sure let me tell you a bit about my mother.

She’s great. Her deepest desire is that everyone be happy. Really, she worked hard to balance work, family, her life, and all the things a working mom has. Not only did she do it, she did it with a smile. Now she’s retired and I’m out on my own. So she has time to help out others.

Sadly with age comes physical challenges. She has had more than her share but she’s found her niche. She loves Greene County where she lives. She has become a local historian. She does research and photography of items of local interest and posts them on various groups on Facebook. She is so beloved for this that when I worked at the Iris festival my biggest calling card was I am Sylvia’s daughter. LOL! Her articles are so good they are printed out and kept in a binder at the local library so people can come in to read a collection of them.

She also does family genealogy. For a time she hosted a branch of the family’s reunion connecting all of us who had no idea why we were there or how we are connected to these strangers. She got everyone talking and learning who they had in common.

Please go wish her a very very happy birthday. While there you can thank her for having such a great daughter too! Oh and did I mention she’s always been really stylin’ that’s why she’s still a Bond girl.

Rolen Bright, Sylvia poses on log from family collection.

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