Throwback Thursday – Secret, The Big Silent One

Bright, Mary Louise and Secret

Last week I introduced you to Happy the outgoing cross dressing yellow tabby. Well this week it’s his dignified loving bigger brother Secret.

No, that’s not all fur, look at the size of his head. He was truly a gentle giant. As Happy was the outgoing one, Secret kept things close. He’d prefer to keep you close and cuddle. He was a lover. As Happy wanted to be in my play whatever it was Secret was content to watch dozing in the sun. He was best for after school cuddling on the lap while I watched Gilligan’s Island or on cold nights keeping the foot of my bed warm. It was from him I learned about joy of catnapping, of chin scritches, and that a cat’s purr can make you feel better. While his brother loved to be the jester, he loved to be the comforter and stalwart companion. He long ago proved to me that size isn’t something to fear, it’s what is in the heart that matters.

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