Throwback Thursday – The Bicentennial School Photo 1976

Bright, Mary Louise - 6th grade 1977

Why yes that is a Mrs. Brady of the Brady Bunch hair cut, thank you for noticing. Also here I am wearing commemorative jewelry from my trip to Washington DC that Bicentennial Year. I was so proud of it. I also remember that was a maxi dress. Yes a floor length dress.  Oh and the book was a World Book Encyclopedia turned to Mt. Everest.  Why?  I don’t know.  

In 1976 I was in fifth grade and attending Mosheim Elementary School. I know but it was K-8 and still called an elementary. They have since remedied that so future generations don’t suffer the stigma of being in elementary at 8th grade. But on the up side I can honestly say I went straight into high school from elementary school.

That year was the one family vacation I remember. I honestly don’t think we ever took another. Mom and Dad took me out of school to go to DC for a week. It was approved as long as I did a report and presentation on what I learned on my trip. Somewhere there are tonnes of pictures I took for that report and they would be great throwback fodder. I must find and scan them. Any way I got lots of trinket souvenirs but my favorites (no Mom not the brass Washington Monument with a thermometer in it THAT was YOURS) was a necklace that I got at the Capital. I’m wearing it in this picture. I also got a bracelet at the Library of Congress but am not wearing it in this picture for some reason. It was blue enameled charm with the Library front in silver.  I still have both of them, they are well worn and along with my Florida orange bird bracelet still bring back good memories.

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