Memoir Monday – Bicycle

Me and my newly discovered freedom of travel.

Me and my newly discovered freedom of travel.

I loved my bicycle. I really did. When we lived in town I didn’t ride much. Parents fretted about the busy streets. So most of my riding was always done on gravel.

My beloved bicycle had a long banana seat white with big colorful flowers on it.  There was a basket with flowers on the front, perfect for terrorizing cats on the whizzing down the hill.   The frame was  teal and you braked by pushing the pedals backward.  It was a much beloved friend when I was lonely out on the farm.

We had a long driveway that was primarily up hill from the house.  I remember in start of Spring I couldn’t bike all the way up but I’d work and work at it until I could.  But the ride down was glorious!  I felt so free going fast wind in my dippity do’ed hair.  I figured out if I pedaled down the big hill I could coast up the turn around the house that was up hill and arrive on the carport, turn around and do it all again.  My goal every Spring was to do this route without ever stopping or getting off.  By the end of each Summer I could do it for hours.  Round and round pumping and coasting – enjoying life and the simplest of things on a one speed bike.

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