Memoir Monday – Other People’s Memoirs

Postcard 1 front

Postcard 1 back

I’ve decided not only will Monday be my memories but memories I find. I like to go through antique, resell shops, and see what’s there. I enjoy postcard affordable pieces of the past, glimpses into people’s lives from another time. It’s like eavesdropping in on text messages and e-mails today. So on some Mondays I’ll share a post card in my collection and transcribe the message as best I can. Then I offer you to speculate on the bigger story of the sender and receiver. Today’s is rather interesting I wonder how Miss Mattie’s lover has sinned. Did she answer soon as s/he asked? What does the choice of the postcard say about them? Why is the woman higher on the ladder? Why on the ladder to kiss any way? I give you my best transcription of the message.

Oh if you catch an error in my transcription or can add to something I couldn’t make out let me know.

Postmark Luttrel Tennessee Date ?

Addressed to Miss Mattie Longmire, Corrytown, E. Tenn.


My Dear Mattie. How are you? Were not Friday night I guess be ye angry but sin not Guess I were like you and more than like you I may of sinned not telling How was the entertainment hope they will have it over.  Yes the revival has broke at Graveston I think the Preacher made them all ??? and left. Are you going to have any more Deboter(?) and ??? I want you to sure because I want to go.  It seams (sic) like its bee a year since I saw you.  Hope I will see you soon.

Ans soon,

Your Loving H.

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