Memoir Monday – The Itch I Couldn’t Scratch

Mary Louise w/ broken arm age 5

Mary Louise w/ broken arm age 5

Okay this prompt comes from A Friend from Far Far Away by Natalie Goldberg to write about an itch. Well there are two itches that came to mind. First was my case of chickenpox – saving that for when I find the photos. The other I have a photo, the itch under my cast.

I think the under the cast itch was the worst. Chickenpox was bad but it didn’t last as long as the cast. This itch was hard to reach. Sure my parents did the straighten a coat hanger thing. They certainly tried the distraction thing which I hate to admit did help. However late at night the tickle would start, I would concentrate on it. Then it became a full-blown itch. I couldn’t scratch and finally it would go into an ache then fade. Still to this day almost fifty years later my skin crawls at the memory of them. May you never know the itch under a cast.

I do remember when they removed the cast my arm was smaller from disuse and the skin was flaky. Nothing felt better than when we got home and Mom slathered that withered flaky arm in non-itch lotion. AHHHH the best memory related to casts, next to getting people to sign it.

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