Memoir Monday – Postcards from the Past

Postcard 2 front

Postcard 2 back

This Monday is a found Memoir from strangers.

Postmark Washington DC May 3rd 12pm 1930

Addressee: Mrs M. W. R. Sheriden, 365 S. Upper Street, Lexington, Ky

Message: Washington is lovely as London, Rome, and Paris put together. It is jammed with people today -the 30th- This only of us many marvelous old homes we have seen. ~E.M.

So is the mysterious putting on airs mentioning the European capitals? Why is the city packed on the 30th? Why mention the house but not the Arlington Cemetery that surrounds it? What is EM’s relationship with Mrs Sheriden. Why does Sheriden have so many initials what’s his name Miles William Robert?

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