Tuesday Thoughts – Dirty Blog Secrets Revealed

House Wife with carpet beater, no known copyright restrictions, Used via The Commons on Flickr From the Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands.

House Wife with carpet beater, no known copyright restrictions, Used via The Commons on Flickr From the Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands.

Okay last Tuesday I let slip one of my dirty blogging secrets – I prewrite and schedule posts. Today I’ll explain and air out another little thing you might have picked up on if you’ve been paying attention to my posts.

As you may have noticed my blog went dormant for a long period of time.  This is known in the industry as blog fade.  People start out gung-ho doing well then life happens and the blog fades away to disuse.  One thing I realized was I liked blogging.  I enjoyed it.  I wanted to get back into doing regular posts.  I read a lot and went about reading articles on how to do blogging.  I wasn’t reading comics any more.  (Something had to give in life and it was comics).  I needed something to get me back into it.  Then some where along the way I read three things.

  1. Make use of scheduling features.
  2. Have themes for the days you want to blog.
  3. Master one day per week and build on it.

Well I can’t remember where I read this great advice because I didn’t take it right away.  Instead it had to seep into my mind.  I had to allow myself to grasp it and buy into it.  Then I thought you know I can do this.  I’ll start simple – Throwback Thursday.  I have many old pictures that I can schedule to post on Thursdays.  Then I for some reason I picked Tuesdays to schedule any other blog post I felt like doing. Well in a month or so I’d mastered that.  Heck I could choose and schedule a month’s worth of Thursdays in a morning off work.

Once it seemed that Tuesday and Thursdays weren’t enough I introduced Mondays.  Thursdays are Throwback photos,  Tuesdays are my thoughts on things, what could Monday be.  I stewed on a theme something I could write ahead, something that I was good at doing, something that might be interesting – Memoir Mondays – my memories, my family stories, dispersed with my postcard collection from the past holding others mirco-memoirs.

That went well and soon I had enough topics to schedule through the end of the year.  So I was left with Wednesdays and Fridays.  I sat in Barnes and Noble coffee shop one day pondering what to add.  Then it hit me – Fictional Fridays.   Now that seems to have caught on with me and I’m good for a few months with ideas.

Now I was left with Wednesdays.  Well, back to coffee in a bookstore,  my journal, and my thoughts.  I think better around books alone in a crowd.   Then it hit me.  I didn’t want a theme.  I wanted a blank canvas for anything else that struck my fancy to share or write about.  So coming in December scheduling is Wednesday’s Wildcard.  Stay tuned each week to see what pops up there from my jewelry making to my grocery shopping.  From photos I made that I liked to goofy pet tales (an tails should such thing happen).   Tuesdays shall become Tuesday Thoughts – it’s my thoughts about books I’ve read, movies or TV shows I’ve seen, maybe even occasionally a live play or two.  It’s my review section, my comments section.  Starting in December posts like this will got to Wednesdays.

Now I have my blog week.  Now I sit down and do a month’s posts of a theme  in a morning.  Now I’m thinking I just might be able to handle this.  Heck if I want I can always pre-empty a schedule post for this urgent message from your blogger and reschedule a post for later.  Welcome my blog where the week goes as follows:

  • Monday Memoirs
  • Tuesday’s Thoughts
  • WILDCARD Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Fictional Friday

Do enjoy and please comment and chat with me so I’m not blogging in a void.

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