Wednesday Wildcard – Introduction

Williamsburg VA Jul 2013 (227)

Another month another day to cover with a theme, finally I wanted an open day.  Tuesdays have become about reviews of books, movies, TV shows, and the like.   So Wednesday is wide open, anything goes today whatever hits me.  It may be something I did sometime ago.  It might just be an idea that natters at my mind.  Heck it could be a rant on or praise of something I feel worthy.  It could just be a photo post, like today.  A photo I made or found (with the right licensing) that I like.  It’s a wait and see game for us both.  Sit back and enjoy whatever comes at you on Wednesdays and let’s both hope it helps us get over the hump toward Friday.

Today is a photo I made in Williamsburg, Virginia July 14, 2013.

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