Memoir Monday – Bad Hairstyle of the Past

Bright, Mary Louise - Freshman WGHS 1979-80

Yes, yes that’s me with an awful perm.  I saw a prompt on the internet to share a hairstyle regret.  I thought that would be a great Memoir Monday.  So while I have many hair regrets this one is my biggest.  No,  no  that wasn’t a bad hair day – it was always like that.  What was I thinking?

Now there’s a story behind it. You see I wanted hair like Bette Midler had in the movie The Rose except brunette. I didn’t say it was a good choice but that’s what I thought I was getting. BUT apparently the hairstylist thought otherwise or failed to explain to me that my air wasn’t long enough for that. So I came out with this mock fro.  I can’t say I was unhappy about it but it wasn’t what I expected.  Then again that plaid shirt isn’t doing me any favors either.  So let’s just say sophomore year for me at West Greene High wasn’t a fashionable one and leave it at that shall we?

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