Wednesday Wildcard – Boogie On Down


I’ll be the first to admit that the older I get the more I dislike big crowds. I’ve never liked being packed like a sardine but now it’s more than that. So I avoid things that look to be too crowded. Also I don’t like loud. Yes I’m too old and it’s too loud. Don’t care, looking forward to those Senior Citizen discounts rolling in quietly.

So when it comes to concerts I tend to cringe. Why pay money to be packed into a crowd with loud music? Two things I very much detest now? Mike is often wanting to go see various Tribute Bands at a local venue. I say “I wouldn’t pay that much to see the real Led Zeppelin reunited much less a trib.” When he brought up hurrying through dinner to go see a free concert in the local park I balked. But he assured me we’d sit back in our own chairs and just listen. I reluctantly agreed.

Actually when I got there I was pleasantly surprised. It was a very mellow crowd sitting about on blankets or in chairs like us. Many had picnics of wine and cheese as the listened to the various acts. The music was anywhere from classic rock and roll to smooth jazz. I truly enjoyed myself and regretted I didn’t agree to do this until the final show of the season. (makes mental note for 2016).

The final song was a funktown one of fun 70s dance music. The part we enjoyed and made us laugh was one guy with a VERY DEEP voice would come in on cue saying “Boogie on down.” I didn’t get in on video but you have to take my word for it – it was fun and funny in a very good way.

So lesson learned, sometimes you got to get out of your own way and try new things. You just might enjoy them.

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