Throwback Thursday – Short Skirts and TVs in Cabinets

Bright, Mary Louise photo from brown photo album (8)

That is me in about 1969. Yes the miniskirt was in full swing and I was hip to it. This was our home on Jennifer Street in Greeneville Tennessee. That TV there was black and white. It had two click dials one for VHF and one for UHF. We had cable that gave us five channels – ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and the riveting local data channel. This consisted of a wall with a clock, thermometer, day and date in a flip calendar, barometric pressure, and a board with weather conditions (cloud, sun, rain, snow flake stuck on a felt board) The exciting thing about it was there was a camera set up to pan over these in the line at a very slow. It was one for 24 hours seven days a week! You didn’t have to call time and temperature just turn to the channel and wait for the pan. The clock up there was made by my grandmother or my mom. I remember there was a bunch of bananas on it and one was black. I have the clock now, it doesn’t work but still reminds me of a time when cable was five channels and miniskirts were the best style going.

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