Fictional Friday – Two Men In A Bar

Photo by me interior of Matt's Mainstreet Pub here in Kenosha. It has a US Navy theme which is why we like it. Oh and great food!

Photo by me interior of Matt’s Mainstreet Pub here in Kenosha. It has a US Navy theme which is why we like it. Oh and great food!


This one doesn’t require much set up.  It’s something I’ve been working upon for a few months.  Here’s what you need to know:

Luke is a private eye.  Susan Howard is the young wife of a dangerous billionaire.  Dean was a former want-to-be boyfriend that is now stalking about.  He is wanting to be a producer but not getting far given the very problems Luke points out here.  Nikki is Susan’s friend and personal secretary.    That’s the cast.  The situation is Mr. Howard has hired Luke to determine if Dean is any danger to Susan and second find a way to make Dean go away.  Here Luke finally shows his had to Dean at a bar. (Oh NSFW due to frank cursing.  Many F-bombs are launched here in this confrontation.)

“Okay if I sit here?”  Luke asked the man at the bar.  A casual flip of the hand seemed to indicate ‘whatever’ so he sat. The barkeeper came up.  “Jameson on the rocks.”  Once he had his drink Luke addressed Dean.  “Must be a hard burden to bear knowing how things should go but not ever being believed.  Seems King Priam’s daughter had the same problem.”

Dean looked confused.  “What the hell you talking about buddy?”

Luke shrugged.  “Your burden of knowing how the shoot should go but the damn producer not seeing it and firing you for pointing out what a stupid asshole he is? Or the mythology reference to Cassandra that saw the future but no one would believe her?  Which one buddy?”  He sipped his drink watching Dean in the fading mirror behind the bar.

“You following me?”  Dean asked incredulously.

“Yep that’s what I was hired to do.”  Then he turned on his stool to look the jerk in the eyes.  “No actually, I wasn’t hired to follow you I was hired to determine if you were dangerous.  Part of making my determination is collecting information about you, that includes following you.”

“What the fuck?  Who hired you?”  Dean snapped.

“We’ll get to that.  But so far all I can tell is you are a danger to yourself and anyone that gets close to you.  All that arrogance cuts everyone around you even a nice producer wanting to give you a chance.”  Dean sipped his drink.  “But my employer doesn’t care if you hurt yourself.  He’s more concerned if you are gonna hurt others.  So far all I’ve seen is lots of bluster and disappointment but nothing physical.  So I thought to myself, ‘wanna know what’s going on in a jerk’s head, just ask him’.  So I’m here and askin’,  why you hanging around Mrs. Howard’s house again?  Ain’t you hurt her enough?”

“So that rich asshole hired you.  Afraid I’ll take his new wifey away.”  Dean started to get up and Luke put a strong hand on the kid’s arm.  “What now you gonna threaten me?”

“Nah, wasn’t hired to do that.  Was hired to report back to him and call the police if I thought you were stalking her or anyone or a physical danger to someone else.”  Luke nodded.  “So if you don’t want me being a good Samaritan going above and beyond my charge to report you as a possible suicide risk  then sit and talk.”  Luke sipped again.  “Look I get being a jerk.  Ask anyone back home and they’ll tell you I’m great at being one.  So you liked the pretty American, befriended her helped her about London and got thoroughly friend-zoned.  I get that I do.  Been there, didn’t want the goddamn tee shirt. What made it worse was she went with a rich, older man that’s got manners you and me couldn’t ever dream of mastering.  He’s powerful, good looking, and oh rich beyond rich.  I mean FUCK!”  He took a gulp.  “How’s everyday guys like us gonna compete with that?  So you got pissy – I mean I would too.”  He held up a hand as if warding off objections then dropped it. “ Shit ain’t got a chance might as well tell the bitch what a bitch she is. Am I right?”

Dean was softening.  “Yeah, yeah exactly.”

“Ahh but Dean my boy you got the golden second opportunity.  They broke up for a bit.”  He lend in confidential like making a sliding gesture with his hand as he spoke.  “Man, you coulda slid right in there from the friend-zone.  Hell, if you’d played your cards right you were on easy street to getting her.  But no, you had to do what you did today – push it, show you knew more, wanted more, were capable of more.  THAT blew the hell up in your face.  Now you were pushed out way past the friend-zone to the persona-nongrata-zone!  Done that too my friend.”  He turned back to his drink. “Ain’t pretty and I got this crooked nose for my troubles.”  He turned in profile traced his nose accentuating the bump there.  “But you had a way to stick it to her one last time didn’t you?  I mean given her then new notoriety you could make a few bucks from the whole damn mess and make her hurt for hurting you in the process.  So you went to the press spinning sensational lies for money. Got paid good at first.  But, even they saw through the bullshit eventually and that faded.”  Luke nodded for a refill.  “One for my new friend here too.”  Dean was presented with a pint.  “But that wasn’t it for you was it?  Her marrying the guy wasn’t it for you was it?  I got video of you hanging outside their homes, one in the city, and the one in the country.  You were out there five times before Nikki gave you some solid advice – go away.  Yet you came back trying to be discrete.”   Luke sipped again.  “And my friend you need to take lessons in being discrete you’d suck as a PI or spy, don’t wear that damn red hoodie is my first tip on blending in.  Dress in mutes, colors that don’t stand out – greys, blah greens, denim blues, bit of working browns.”  He shrugged.  “Don’t matter I got you clocked on security footage multiple times in the alleys, in the lanes, all around her homes, her work, hell, even the damn museum tonight after you got fucking fired you stalked her.  Why Dean, what the hell do you think she’s going to do?  Come running out of that gala for you?  See the error of her ways in marrying a grown ass man that not only is all I said before but also cares about other people?” His brow knitted.  “I can think of darker things you might be thinking. Ones Mr. Howard hired me to see if you were thinking them.  But I ain’t sure.  So I’m here, Dean, to hear your side before I do my report.  If I were an advice giving man – I’d say leave her the hell alone better for all involved. But I ain’t. So I ask Dean – what the fuck do you want with Susan Howard?”

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