Wednesday Wildcard – Planner Love


One of my loves is office supplies.  I’m almost as happy looking through an office supply store as I am a book store.  Part of the manifests in my planner love.  However since I left regular office work I’ve been looking for the perfect planner for me. Finally, after a decade or so it dawned on me my needs change so I  need a planner that can adapt as I change.

Some things don’t change.  It has to be big enough to be comfortable to write in.  Yet small enough for a medium purse.  It has to have sections that can change.  It has to latch closed in some manner for easy deposit into said purse.  It has to have some way to hold a pen or pens.  Oh and not be too heavy.

Currently my planner has the following sections.

  • Calendar for now a monthly view is all I need for work, appointments, bills, and events.
  • To-do – here I have a subdivider first things to be done now then in the back things to do sometime
  • Writing – again subdivided front is where I plan blog posts and make notes about them. Back section is notes and plans for my current writing project.
  • Beading – front section is the business of-consisting of inventory notes, sales notes, taxes, orders, etc. The back is the creative part design ideas!
  • Genealogy – notes on where I left off on data entry from the current source.  Also thing I want to research that hit me, stuff like that.
  • Reference – these are things I can never remember but need.  Hair color number, type of ink cartridges for my printer, seasoning mix I use all the time, that shower cleaner I make, etc.
  • Menu/grocery list – I have to plan my meals following Mayo Clinic Diabetic plan.  So that’s here and in the back is where I got things I’ll need for meal plans or jot down things as we run out.


In addition to this I used color coding of calendar notes.   Also in my to-do I use some bullet journal symbols. Then I decorate with stickers and doodles. Just because it makes me happy and I enjoy seeing color.

Now I do journal. I tried having a journal section and found I didn’t use it. The loose leaf paper didn’t feel right.  It felt like a school essay assignment.  I found I stopped.  As much as I hate to keep two things I find to let my creative juices flow on my morning pages and evening gratitude journaling I need a diary style bound book.  While this didn’t flex enough for a planner, filling up way too fast, it works great for journaling.  So since I mostly journal at home morning and evening I gave in to two.  But I added a Daily section to my planner for when I have an idea I want to noodle over in my journal.  On the same way ideas that come up in my journaling are jotted to their appropriate section like this post – planner love – was jotted in blog Wildcard Wednesday weeks ago.
So if you are a planner lover like me and have tips as to w g at works for you or what you like to use chime in.  Thinking of using a planner my suggestion is be ready to try several systems, read and sample.  Then glean what works for you and build your own system from there.  Don’t be afraid of changing your system.  Don’t see that is a failure but personal growth, what works at one stage of life doesn’t for another it’s fine to move to what us more appealing and functional for you now.

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