The Reason for the Long Silence – We Are Moving

Kenosha house for sale cropped

Yes we are moving out of Wisconsin. Not to the sea as of yet but south to a small town between Nashville, Tennessee and Florence, Alabama on the Tennessee side. It’s a small town called Lawrenceburg (population 10,500ish) It’s been hectic getting things in order to move but now is the lull before the next push.

I can honestly say I have touched everything we own in the house. Mike assisted in the evaluation of keep, trash, or donate. After umpteen trips to Goodwill, and anxiously wondering what is the limit on the number of trash bags the garbage men will take in one go – Our house is clean, organized, and photo ready.

Then came the fun with the relo company. We have been inspected, assessed, and photographed out the wazoo. It has been certified we do not live in a moldy, bug infested, cluttered, structurally questionable, worthless box. Thank goodness they didn’t look into the closets before the clean out or the clutter one would be suspect.

In the process I let go of my all my comics and teenager memorabilia. They were sold and will go to homes of collectors who will enjoy them rather than living in boxes in my closet. Books went to the Little Free Library of Waukesha and Goodwill. A large selection of beads that I’ve had for years but never spoke to me to be something went to Goodwill. So if you are beader check it out.

I have not been to the area yet but am discovering that it is very rural. We are limiting our home choices by requiring strong cell signal, high speed wifi and digital cable. I keep googling where’s the nearest – fill in store I use regularly – all are an hour drive or so. All the things I didn’t like about growing up in the country. So we are limiting our selections and looking more toward Columbia Tennessee (population 35,000ish) which is what is referred to in area as the big town but is still a small town.  Our small town of  Kenosha (population 168,000ish) looks like the big city compared to this area. I will miss not being able to walk to the library and running to the grocery store including going in getting the milk and coming home takes all of 10 minutes.

Oh and speaking of the library I will miss ours. We have always lived near an excellent library here, Tampa, Oak Ridge, Kalamazoo, Charleston, Ballston Spa, Groton, Orlando. Our choices here are also limited but it seems Maury County is the best of those in the area. Our main concern is getting ebooks and downloadable audiobooks on a service similar to Overdrive.

Tomorrow is my last day at work. Then Tuesday I have my physical here to see my great doctor here for the last time. Wednesday Molly Dog and I shall hit the road. Then I shall start participating in the finding of our new home.

Mike is starting the new home search process tomorrow with the first outing with the relo assigned realtor. Here’s hoping he finds some choices that meet our requirements. I’m sure there are some, but we also want one floor and newer. But first requirements are the connectivity issues above. Yes we are in the 21st century totally.

I am not sure when I’ll up date be assured there will be a Mary Lou Moves series I’m sure once I’ve settled somewhere and put away all the movers unpacked. Oh for those wondering we don’t pack or unpack that’s covered in the relo by the movers. I just have to make sure it all gets put away clean and organized. I tell you this is one way to totally embrace the declutter/organize goals of Konimari method!

5 thoughts on “The Reason for the Long Silence – We Are Moving

  1. And the Little Free Library is grateful for the donation. Books have been stamped — “always a gift, never for sale” – and the library has been changed out. Two of the Fantasy/Fiction books went immediately, as teens were walking by on their way home from school. Again, THANKS!!

  2. A) Welcome back to Tennessee!
    B) Why Lawrenceburg? Why not Columbia? It’d be a 30-minute commute to Lawrenceburg, but it’d be closer to Nashville, Brentwood, etc., might have more opportunities, etc.?

      • Gotcha… I’m 40mi driveway-to-parking lot, takes 40min (if I have traffic trouble, it means the red light in Duffield caught me). Sometimes I wish I had a job in Kingsport, so I could consider biking to work, but, I like where I work and I like where I live, so a commute it is. And, I only do it four-days-a-week (10hr days), and I carpool w/ a fella, means I only drive it twice a week.

        Looking at maps: how about Pulaski? Not that it’s closer to Nashville, but it’s a little bigger, and on I65 so you can get into Nashville quicker…

        Good luck on the house hunt!

        • Not ruling out Pulaski but not much there in the radius of the drive. So will know more when I get there with him and see the lay of the land. As I said he goes out today while I work here. I expect to get off work to a slew of texts about how it went.

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