Living Immaculately

Kenosha house for sale cropped

So as you know our house is on the market. This means we must be ready to show it at a moment’s notice. This means I must live with Molly Dog in a showcase. Never any fun. To keep the house as clean as an Ikea set isn’t easy if you want to live, make jewelry or cook. At least this time it’s only me.

Today I am packing to go down to Tennessee see the area that will be our new home and hunt for a house to make a home. (Psst did you know many languages can’t differentiate between the two? Thanks English) Mike has found a place much closer to his work. It is half the cost a month, newly renovated, has cell phone coverage, and allows Molly. Only drawback is – it’s unfurnished. So we will be camping in it until this house sells or that house closes. Until then this house shall sit immaculately staged with our worldly goods.

In the meantime I am doing a version of George Carlin’s Stuff routine(see below) on my way to Honolulu. Except I’m packing a smaller version of my stuff to camp out for a few weeks to a few months. Yes I must resist the urge to fill the large vacant space with stuff.

I have a list of stuff to bring. Mine and Mike’s texted thoughts on the matter. I set up the SUV to load stuff in – Flatten the back seat, clear out the just in case winter Wisconsin stuff for the need to camp in the apartment stuff. I ponder how I’m going to pack this stuff but remember the tote graveyard from the great purge of 2016 for the move. Yes I shall take the totes I emptied.

That decided and done next is how to pack all on the list. Without trashing the house while doing it so if I get the call I can put the house back to immaculate show condition in an hour’s notice. So this morning I have been trying to do that but… I’m spinning my wheels finally I say to myself “Screw it I’m collecting the list THEN I’ll look it over got to the tote graveyard and figure out how to pack it.”

For now I am giving up living immaculately to pack practically. The pile is growing as I collect it. The living room floor is full of stuff. The kitchen counters hold that room’s stuff to go. My bed is full of clothes to go. I am in the office collecting electronics. I take a break to make this post.

Then I’m just waiting for my cellphone to ring and I hear… “Mrs Eklund this is short notice but could you…”

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