My Tennessee Arrival

Home sweet temp home

Oh man it has been an interesting day. well few days actually. Let’s see where to start.

First the drive from Wisconsin to Tennessee, by normal driving it should have been about 9 hours but it was 11 hours. This was due to construction that popped up without warning signs at times. Other times signs warned me it was coming for a good 70 miles before it started. There was a detour due to a car fire closing the interstate.  We wound around the countryside in either Southern Indiana or Northern Kentucky. There were torrential rains for a few hours. Overall I made five stops. Molly was fine. Except for one time when stuck in traffic. She got up paced in small circles panting heavily but once we started moving all was well.  She did sleep most of the time and liked the air vent blowing on her the whole time.

Rub my belly

Mike had forsaken the Artist Colony trailer for an unfurnished one bedroom half a duplex in town. It’s one of several a man is updating and renting. We are in the second finished one there are two more being rehabbed. This location is a much shorter drive for him, has phone reception, and allows us to have Molly with us. So for now we are camping in it. The appliances were not installed but were delivered Thursday. More on that.

I arrived in the rain and we tracked in mud bringing in the things I’d loaded in the SUV. Being a recent construction site the clay mud was every where. However I was glad to be here, see Mike, and not be driving. Quickly unpacked. Mike ran and got dinner. Then I hit the fancy bed you see up there. Yep a brand new full mattress on the floor with Rubbermaid totes as bedside tables. Don’t laugh it sleeps well.

Next morning Mike was off to work and I took Molly on her morning walk.Pennywise Along the route we found this on the sidewalk. I do wonder what are they keeping in there. I suspect it’s Pennywise (the clown for Stephen King’s IT). We have an antique mall and Amish furniture store across the street. Yes, we are near the largest settlement of the Amish in the South about 250 families. It’s not unusual to see the black carriages on the roads or in parking lots with patiently standing horses. Though when they pass Molly growls and kicks back like a pup. She’s not so sure about horses.

The appliances were to be delivered between 1 and 4. So I had time to sleep in a bit after morning walk, shower, grab lunch out and be here. They showed up at 3:30. Turns out that’s just what it was due to a misunderstanding… a delivery not installation. After much pleading they did take fridge out of the box and plug it in but stove and over-stove microwave. At first it would appear they would install on Tuesday but our nice landlord intervened and today was to be installation.

That brings us to today. First you should know I was told installation would be 8am. Mike’s truck needed servicing so got up, took him to work after dropping off truck and raced back here. Installer showed up at noonish. Seems he had been installing in the unoccupied unit first. Now he was running out of time. Stove didn’t come with a plug so he had to go get that, then some carpentry on the cabinets to get it to fit and about an hour later it was done. Hopefully Monday we’ll get the microwave installed. Apparently our personal limit is one appliance per day.

Now, we decided to get a post office box here to get a local address. I did some on-line search for how to rent one and if one was available at the post office downtown. It’s just a few blocks walk from here. Sure enough it was and all I had to do was bring two forms of ID to prove I was who I said I was. I scan the list of acceptable IDs. Okay got a driver’s license and a military ID I’m good. Once the stove was installed I was off to the post office. I stand in line tell them what I want and am given a form to fill out. I leave go to standing table fill it out fish out my IDs stand in line holding all at the ready. I get there to find out two photo IDs would not do. I needed ONE from column A (Photo IDs) and ONE from column B (non-photo IDs). Go figure as to how two photo IDs aren’t sufficient to prove who I am but one photo ID and my Wisconsin car registration are. However that settled we are now proud owners of a Tennessee post office box address.

Next on the agenda was getting the garbage can for garbage pick up. They have those auto lift trucks here and you have to have a can that fits the truck. So after some online research I find the city solid waste phone number and call. A very nice man with the Tennessee twang answers. I tell him my address we establish Wednesday is my garbage day. I let him know I don’t have a receptacle. “You ain’t got a bucket?” Well now I do have a bucket, a mop bucket but I answer no. “Aw’rite I’ll git ew one dee-livered.” I flapper bucket rolly binthank him still trying to get used to the accent. I come back from the post office to find the bucket being delivered.  Another (0r possibly the same) man helpfully explained this is the  “flapper bucket wheely bin” I’d called for.  He helpfully demonstrated how it rolled and how I am to put garbage in it.  Also it is to be on the street not the avenue on Wednesdays.  I thanked him for all his help and put my new to my official ‘flapper bucket wheely bin’  over to the side next to my parking place.

Now it’s just after three.  I had also foolishly planned to grocery shop as well get a few things for the apartment – like a mop to clean up the mud tracked in and a inner runner mat.  Call me picky but when you sleep on the floor things like this are important.  Now THE store in town is Walmart.  But I don’t do business with them.  Thank goodness there’s many Dollar General stores too.  So I went there for some of the things like that.  Finishing up at 3:40 I text Mike, does he need me to pick him up and run him to the garage to get his truck?  Yes about 4:15 so there goes grocery shopping. Get home race the rain to unload and walk Molly dog before the race to get Mike.

The good news is things are much cheaper down here including auto service.  Also people are friendly and helpful.  They are willing to explain things rather than just assume you know.  Sure it’s a different pace here, all is done in its own time, in its own way (one from column A one from column B not two column As).  However, it has started the common question of the day was “Whar ew frum?” Which in Wisconsin I was asked at least three times a day for 15 years the same thing but with the flat accent “Whare arah you from?”  Seems I am from no where in particular but can make a home just about any where.  Which for right now is a newly renovated one bedroom duplex with a mattress in the floor.


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