The House Search

In the years past I have worked in real estate offices.  I even held a realtor’s license just to make it easier in dealing with customers.  I never listed or sold housed just managed the office section of it. So I know the first rule of house hunting is not to fall in love with a particular house.  At best always keep a ranking of three that you can see yourself calling home.  Go after your number one choice, but don’t let your heart get broken either.  There’s lots of moving pieces when it comes to making deals on buying the largest asset most people own.  It is best to save love for when you are making that house you bought your home.

This weekend was my first look at houses here in our new home town.  On Saturday we saw seven homes.  One was just way too big for us, honestly it went on forever. It also needed a lot of work.  So we ruled that one out.  I am pleased to say the other six were viable.

One big thing we are looking to is handicap access.  It is possible in the next decade that a parent of ours might have to come live with us.  Taking a lesson from those who have had that occur we look to easy access for wheelchair.  It’s amazing how many homes are handicap unfriendly.  A step is easily ramped but four – that takes space to build a ramp that isn’t too steep.  A few homes got a C grade for that reason.  In the end we came down to three or four we like.   All had big yards, plenty of room for a garden and weren’t as close to neighbors as we are now. Each could be easily adapted to handicap needs in entry and bath. As for garden room living in a rural area here that’s a given.  Mike will have a heyday.

Once we settled on where my desk would be in Mike’s number one it went from two to one for me.  It’s an older home with personality and oddly enough – the front is handicapped accessible!  Had a great sun-room (called a Florida Room down here) and awesome deck. Like so many homes it had a great view of nature this one a bit more so than others.

Our two and threes weren’t the same homes.  Mike’s two, my four is a very nice modern home excellent in condition and upgrades. I could find a home like that in most suburbs.  My two, Mike’s four is an older home again with excellent upgrades, great Florida room, HUGE Master suite area.  Our number three was a newer one with a great frog (Finished Room Over Garage), large master closets (Mike could fill his up and I could put a craft room in the unused section of mine. LOL).

Then there were close runners.  That we both admitted we could see ourselves in any of them.  Just these we liked a bit better.  Honestly my three and four shift as I think about it each time as does Mike’s.  So we are very happy with the selection in that we can see ourselves in most of them, except the big one for two… just too big.

That being said since our number ones were the same we sat down and did an offer on it.  They have until Tuesday morning to respond.  So let the negotiations begin!  Then all the steps to make to meet at the closing table must be completed.  But if all goes well, in late June we’ll have a house to fall in love with and make our home.  Wish us luck!


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