We Have A Contract.

Contract by Steve Snodgrass flickr 5May16

Contract by Steve Snodgrass on Flickr. Used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license he so graciously allowed on the photo. Thanks for sharing Steve!

The third big step in our move completed. (1st place to stay, 2nd house to offer)  We have a contract to buy the first choice house we made an offer on.  As is typical there was negotiations but as of last night they signed and we signed it is now a contract.  So assuming all goes well on the steps to closing.  The inspections are good.  The survey comes out well.  The title is clean and clear.  We will be owners of a new house in Mid June.

We did run into an oddity to us.  Possession after closing.  Yes the former owners stay in our house for a few days after they have sold it to us.  Crazy huh?  This is our fifth, no sixth if you count Florida condo, purchase of houses and NEVER has this come up before.  We were flabbergasted.  Seems it has been customary here for years that possession was 30 days after selling.  We took care of the issue in negotiations to our satisfaction.  But it boggled our mind from a liability point of view – slip and fall in our property makes us liable, they do some damage moving out how is that settled.  Never have we had it proposed that we buy the biggest asset and not take it as ours at closing. Just odd for us and glad we got it settled in negotiations.

So now we get our paperwork in order and close then we’ll have a house.  Which I’ve already chosen a name for it once it becomes our home.  I’ll tell you on move in day what it is…



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