Jonesing for a Cat

Most of my life I’ve always had a cat in it.  We got Sampson in 1976 and had him until I left home.  Before him were Happy and Secret when we lived on Jennifer Street.  While away in college once Mike got an apartment, under my influence, we adopted Popcorn.  Had her until 1999.  While we had her we got Mo, who passed away last year.  While we had Mo we got Blue and Red.  Blue passed away while we were on our cruise.  His brother Red preceded him by little more than a year.  All this to say that the last time I went without a cat in my life I was living in a dorm.   Let’s not count up the years okay – good enough to say it’s been decades.

However things moved fast when we returned home from our cruise with the move.  We talked about it and didn’t think it was a good time to welcome a new kitten in the moving transition.  So we agreed to wait until settled in the new house to find our new feline family member.

Makes great sense.  Is good kitty parenting.  But leaves me jonesing for a cat.  (for those wondering what that means I turn to the urban dictionary on the net ‘to have a strong need, desire, or craving for something’ an Americanism).  Aaron was nice enough to leave Ashe, my grandcat, with me for two weeks so I got some kitty kuddles in before leaving.

Now don’t get me wrong Molly Dog is grand.  She’s loving doggie company.  I adore her.  But kitty loving and purr therapy are only something the feline fur baby can provide. I’m missing that.

So with a contract on the new house with target closing date of June 10 I’m thinking kittydom will come about mid July.  I’m looking forward to it.  New place new kitten right in the middle of kitten season.  Until then, I’ll just be silently in the corner trying to teach Molly how walk on soft paws, curl up, and purr.

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