So You Say You Want Internet?


internet by tim lucas flickr 17May16

Found: The Internet by Tim Lucas on Flickr. Used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license he graciously granted with the photo.

Wow, what a learning curve today on internet offerings.  Trust me there are some places that it’s just not possible to get high speed internet.  But let me start at the beginning.

One of the conditions of house search was that it had internet.  This house has cable so assumed (Yes I know what that does I saw Bad News Bears the original) that it would get a bundle of internet and TV.  Now we are far down the path to our closing on June 10th with the house.

We get in our PO box here a flyer for a great sale with cable that ends June 9th.  Talked last night why not get it here at the temp apartment where we have been using Mike’s work’s Verizon JetPack for our internet & tv?  Then we’d just transfer it to the house on the 11th.  Much to my surprise – we can’t do that?  WHY?  Well the cable available just a few minutes down the road at our house is old cable, think early 80s cable.  It offers only 10 channels.

Stop and remember back then to when CNN was new and not cable networks carried it.  ESPN was just getting started and… not all cable networks carried it.  Discover didn’t exist and MTV actually was playing music and showing music videos.  Yes that’s what this cable is basically just your basic stuff without all those fancy new-fangled specialty channels.

Oh… and no internet…  I get to chatting with the guy in Tampa for the cable company about my situation here.  He suggests three satellite internet companies – DishNet, Hughes Net, and Excede.  I google them and start calling.  I know from the day before when I cancelled that my AT&T U-Verse in Wisconsin that it is not available here.  I check their DSL – nope network is at max will put me on the wait list.

So I call Hughes – got through all the questions.  Yes they do have it only two slots available in my area.  On their system you get dedicated bandwidth on the satellite and it’s much slower than what I’m used to 10 mbps  but doable.  I tell them thanks checking other options.  They say okay.

I called Excede – sold out in my area put me on a wait list.

I call Dish to get TV and internet.  TV they can do but internet – nope sold out in the area put me on a wait list.

Mike checks with someone at work who suggests a local DSL company.  Call them to get the phone line and the DSL service that’s 2-5 mbps it will be $50 more per month than the faster Hughes.  So we decided to grab one of the two spots on Hughes in our area.

I hurriedly dial Hughes hoping no one else in the area has gotten both those slots.  I get Hughes.  So we will be slower, much slower used to 30 mbps but at least we won’t be on dial up or paying more than we paid for cable, phone, and internet to get 2-5 mbps.

I tell you it’s like moving to another country…  a country with very little internet availability apparently.


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