My Son The Employed Comissioned College Graduate


Capt. Mike, 2nd Lt Aaron, and me.

This time last weekend we were in Wisconsin for Aaron, my son’s graduation and commissioning to 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army.

We left our new home of the rural South to head up to the land of snow and ice for 6 months but awesome cheese on Wednesday.  Mike’s parents arrived Friday, his mother still nursing her knee she had surgery on just a few weeks earlier.  It was odd going back to the old house.  We slept upstairs in the guest room so she’s not have to climb the stairs.

Saturday we made the drive to Madison to see Aaron.  He had called the evening before to tell us that he had decided not to go through the graduation ceremony.  It was to be outside in the stadium despite the dire weather predictions.  There is no crossing the stage, no calling out of names, nothing like that.  Just the whole group stands, not even by college moves their tassels and boom graduated.  He was however participating in the commissioning as were Mike and I.

We got there had a nice visit and a nice lunch while other families were sitting in sleet, freezing rain, and snow.  Then it was back to his warm apartment for Aaron and  Capt Mike to get into uniform.

Then to the center for commissioning ceremonies.  The speaker was a General and father of Aaron’s chemistry lab partner.  We then got to pin on his officer bars.  Then we witnessed first salutes.  Afterward there were pictures then back to the apartment to shed uniforms and get comfortable for a nice Thai dinner.  Over all it was Aaron’s day and it was a good day.

On top of all of that he has a civilian job waiting!  Yes he’ll be in the Army National Guard. It’s funny here I’d tell people were going up to see our son graduate college.  “Oh congratulations, what the degree.”   Bio-Chemistry.  “Well that’s impressive, does he have a job?”  Oh yes one is waiting in food safety and nutrition lab.  “WOW CONGRATULATIONS!”  Yes the biggest congratulations is that he has graduated AND is employed.  LOL!

Oh and in case you are wondering I am very proud of him and love him very much.  Oh here’s his accolades… beyond what his Mama says about him.




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