Tale of the Dog and the Landlord

Dog in window

Let me start by saying our lovely landlord made an exception to allow us to be here with Miss Molly Dog. His general policy is no dogs but he was assured Molly is small and well behaved. Mike signed he’d be responsible for Molly’s behavior. So we got to be the first occupants of this lovely redone apartment that’s not an hour drive each way for Mike and out in the middle of no where for Mike.

Molly has become protective of our place, which is understandable.  So when the workers on the other unit next door come to the porch she barks her head off and stands on her hind legs as if she’d going to lunge.  She gets scolded for barking because the wall between us and the other half of the duplex is paper thin.  She has learned to mutter, growl and come sit by me.  The workers know her and have met her in yard the so they just say, “Hey Molly just changing my battery”  Or what ever they are doing.

One day Molly and I go out for a walk.  There’s a new guy working around the place and asked me how we were liking it.  I simply said fine, that it’s a really nice place.  Molly growled  a bit until I told her it was okay but still she was protective.  After the walk we were back in our temp home and the man was working on the side of the house.  Molly did what she does (barks, stands on her hide, legs, growls, etc.)  He didn’t speak to her like the others so  I had to go get her and put her in time out for not stopping when I told her.  (Time out is in her bed in the room where the window is closed).  She comes out demure and listens.

Well that new guy was the owner.  He texts Mike that he’s concerned about damage to the apartment from the dog.  Mike assures him that there is no damage to the painted window sills.  He then texts Mike asking about how much does she weigh.  Mike confirms she’s 35lbs like he said.  Owner said he never realized she was that big.  To be on the safe side Mike cuts cardboard to fit the window sills so Molly’s nails won’t scratch and we double down on training to not bark and come to us.

Well time goes on and the owner asks to show the unit to a prospective renter after us.  I clean the apartment pull the cardboard guards and vacate with Molly to the picnic table while he shows the apartment.  After ward he comes to say he looked well and there was no damage from the dog.  Then we learn the root of his concern – he’s only known outdoor only farm dogs that size and they would freak out in a house.

We explain Molly is a city girl who has been raised to live in the house with people.  It’s not an experience he’s ever had.  Well, Molly still has a way to go in her manners just like any child.  But also just like any child (domesticated human or other animal) she has to be taught manners of the society where she lives.  She lives among people in their abodes so her manners have to be different that those of dogs that live in barns and inter act with people when working and playing.  I don’t believe in spanking children (any animal child human or other) but I do believe in consistent discipline that centers more on praise and less on punishment.  Seem to have worked for my pets of the past and my son so I’ll stick with it.

In the meantime, Molly has struck a blow for human and doggie co-habitation.  Yes larger doggies and humans can reside together without tearing the place apart.  LOL!


One thought on “Tale of the Dog and the Landlord

  1. Hi Mary Louise! At long last I found you again! My first blog was Sunshine Factor, then it became Stanton Sunshine, and now I have Inner Sunshine. Congratulations on your new house in Tennessee; I am glad that my husband and I are not the only ones to name their house! I loved reading about your dog. Take care!

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