How I Broke My Foot and Got A 2 Inch Hole In My Roof

Limb damage

Yesterday was a bad day.  Like all bad days it didn’t start out that way.  The morning had thunderstorms.  I like lying in bed listening to storms so I slept in some.  Then when I went out after the storm to run errands I noticed a HUGE limb on the roof.  I sent a picture to Mike and went on about my day.

Once Mike got home he went up to get the limb off only to discover that it had punctured a 2 inch hole in the roof.  So after calls to our insurance company who said they’d send someone out for a temp patch and then send out their contractor to fix.  Okay, fine.  Just as soon as Mike was telling me about the conversation the phone rings.  It’s the insurance company.  Uh, they don’t have anyone in our area to do temporary repairs.  The repair contractors are 92 miles each way.  Such is living out in the boonies.  Mike gets copper from our old roof, roofing nails, caulk, and a ladder.  He goes up and puts on a temp copper patch.  It now looks like a tiny copper triangle shaped UFO landed on our roof.  Repairs

Then the next event of the night happened after dinner.  Mike was working in the bedroom.  Molly wanted to go out so I took her.  Our yard isn’t fenced in and she’s not learned her boundaries yet so one of us has to go with her.  We get out and she does her business but then the goats in the field next to our house started moving as a herd to the lake.  Molly thought this was great and was running up and down the fence line on our side.  I was as I usually do encouraging her to run and she started doing figure 8s around trees in the yard and such running as fast as she can.  Then she was careening toward me.  BOOOM instead of going by as she had in the past she hits me from behind on the left side. We both go down.  She is rolling head over tail yelping.  I heard a pop and was in pain, with my left shoe knocked off.

So she hops up and shakes it off.  I on the other hand call for Mike a few times then think, “Dummy he can’t hear you.  You are going to be out here alone a lot so better fend for yourself.”  I try to stand but as soon as I put weight on my left foot I see stars and birdies just like in the cartoons.  Down again.  I am only left with crawling on all fours.  I grab my shoe and start crawling in the 90F heat across our yard from the shed to the house.  All I could think of  was “Please don’t let me crawl up on poop.  Please don’t let me crawl up on fire ants.  Please don’t let me crawl up on poop.  Please don’t let me crawl up on fire ants.”  I get to the porch get the gate open and have pulled myself up right when Mike sees me through the kitchen door.

After some gathering of things we are off to the ER.  I’m crying I’m in so much intense pain.  Get there and they are super nice, take me right back.  Doc comes in and says he wants to see dog hair as proof it was the dog.  I tell him I’ve probable got a bruise on my ass the shape of her paw.

By now my foot is distorted and my ankle is the size of a grapefruit.  He asks if the pain is in my ankle or foot.  I tell him I cant really tell an origin point but hurts the outside of my foot from my little toe up through my ankle.  So x-rays of foot and ankle are ordered.  Then comes the shot of pain med.  Thank goodness.  I was loopy but the pain was knocked down so that it was tolerable.

Culprit and footX-rays come back. Good news – ankle isn’t broken only sprained.  Bad news- 5th metatarsal is broken.  I need to see an orthopedist.   For now it’s wrap it, a stiff shoe, crutches, elevation, ice, pain medication, and anti-inflammatory medication.   When I get home I look up expected healing time and what orthopedist usually do for such a break.  Depends on type of break, any where from bone stimulation for healing to surgery with pins and screws.  Healing time again depends on type of fracture but is 8 – 12 weeks.

Today I am home hobbling.  Let’s just say learning to use crutches when loopy on pain medication is an adventure.   So the house is a wreck, has a hole in the roof, and I’m laid up with a bum foot.  Other than that the move is going well and yesterday was just another day.

3 thoughts on “How I Broke My Foot and Got A 2 Inch Hole In My Roof

  1. As much as I am saddened that you are in pain and have healing ahead I am struggling to not laugh at the visual your words painted. Heal well!

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