Freaky Friday – Intro

rat race by me

Rat Race by me

If you have followed my on and off blog you know I’ve struggled to fill Fridays.  Finally I think I’ve hit on a topic that is going to stick. Freaky Stories.  I am a lover of strange stories.  True stories with no answer or stretch incredulity or just make you go ‘Hmmm’.  If you could look over my television recordings, podcast lists, audio books, library books, and so on you’d see my fascination with these.

While pondering this in the apartment camping I thought, yes I can share these.  Next I had to decide how I wanted to share them. I decided I would do a bit of research to refresh my memory. Then I’ll just sit down and tell you about them. As if we were having a cup of coffee and I shared this cool story I’d just found. I’m not going to give references. Instead it’s just me tell you the story. If you want want more I recommend starting at Wikipedia and going out from there.

Many of these I consider classics. I’ve heard them over and over again on shows, in books, in podcasts. Many I’ve read whole books about them. Some are ones I heard years ago then they dropped off the odd tale circuit. I did a bit of research on those but still wonder if there’s an answer to those out there beyond my powers of Google-fu.

So sit back, enjoy the oddities of this world that will spook you, scare you, intrigue you, and make you sure that we don’t have all the answers.

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