Monday Memories – 1908 Ship Postcard

ship postcard front

Ship Postcard Front

ship postcard back

Postcard message side Postmark 1908

Hi, no I didn’t die. I have been dealing with a move, broken foot,  Mom’s broken leg, and connectivity issues in the country. Despite all of that I’m back and getting on schedule again.

Let’s do another postcard from the past. This one hails from 1908. There are few things I liked about this one. First, the amount of message the person squeezed onto this single card. Second, it was sent from Springs Tennessee to Corryton Tennessee but it has a cruise ship on it. Thirdly, there is writing on the face. Fourthly, it is responding to an apology which is intriguing. So all these neat quirky features along with the fact it’s over 100 years old made it one I added to my collection to share with you.

The writing is a difficult read so I will do my best to transcribe it for you. If I’m guessing it’ll be italics and if you can see something better then GREAT! Let me know. If I just can’t make it out or deduce it from the text I’ll put a dash.

Addressed to Miss Mattie Longmire, Corryton, Tenn.

I received a card from you making some apologies for the way you treated me Sunday night. Now you stated how you felt over the matter. How — you suppose I felt and what did others think and say. Well it looks to me that you showed to the people the wor– (world? word?) to you f–. Mr. Herbert and also — who your cared for most. You claim you had a date with him that eves all so. But why not mistreated him as — as me or I take it as being treated wrong while I didn’t have a date with you but you — you had no the — and I too you at your word and so see what I get into. I never was treated this way by a girl before — immedately about are saying I was — to — Sun — –. Mon Knowing I will drop the — at the present and talk it all over when I see you face to face. — is nothing by this — I w– (went?) on the river today by by Your —

Front the lone girl has Mattie written on her (the addressee)

Note in upper right corner of front.

I don’t know whether you can read this or not I spilt ink all over this card

Okay, did he forgive her or not? It sounds ambiguous to me. It appears he wants to hash out whatever happened Sunday face to face. Which makes me wonder what happened? Seems he thought they had a date but she didn’t. She had plans with another? Did she get angry at him for assuming they had a date maybe? Apparently she told him off then later apologized in writing. Why did he respond on a public postcard? Cost? The message isn’t clear other than the fact that Miss Mattie acted in a manner for which she sent a written apology, she had two beaus, and is concerned about appearance in other’s eyes. Then given what women had then – reputation was everything. So was this public to damage that?

Okay dear readers, ready to hear your ideas.

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