Tuesday Thoughts – Marvel Movies

The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique

Since I gave up comic books for other things, like space in my home, I get my fix in comic book movies.  I didn’t see Avengers 2, aka Ultron,  in theaters because of all the moaning about how badly it dissed Hawkeye.  I did see it in February on the cruise.  Deadpool I was anxious to see but came out in a busy time in my life so saw it via DVD. This summer with little to do when camping in an apartment and waiting on a house to move into we went to movies regularly – saw Civil War and Apocalypse in a theater.  Now I know those are two studios but for a comic book lover like me it’s one publisher Marvel.  Thus I’ll give my short thoughts on each in one post about Marvel’s Movies.  Warning SPOILERS ahead if you don’t want them for a particular movie skip to the next. I feel comfortable doing spoilers because it has been sometime since the movies were released and they were successes. Thus I feel those who care passionately about the story lines have already been exposed to the plots.


The first Avengers was such a wonderful hit out of the park for comic book and movie fans alike that I was wary that the second could do it justice.  Marvel is known for getting great plots started but not thinking them out to the conclusion leaving many an arc with a disappointing conclusion (I’ve still never forgiven them for the Civil War arc ending – let’s stop fighting we are breaking things -conclusion crap).  When I quickly heard of the bad character twists in the movie I cringed away from it as Superman does Kryptonite.  (Yes mixing my comic book metaphors).  I didn’t want an infinity cube or Lazarus pit pulled out in the next movie to undo things of Ultron.

Overall I liked the premise of Ultron being made from Tony’s PTSD building of Iron Man Variants.  I liked how each team member had to deal with the problem individually and as a group.  In the end I liked that Paul Bellamy, the voice of Jarvis, became the actor portraying Vision.  The floating city was a bit over the top for me but eh, it’s comic books.  The twins not being mutants, not having ties to the twins in X-Men Days of Future Past, disappointed me but given big studios and the then wrangling over Spiderman I understood.

In the end I think it came out a B-.  I agree with all that was said about farmer/father Hawkeye.  I agree with the no chemistry between Bruce and Natasha.  I mourn the cut Loki footage being a fan of that Loki.  But going down to what the plot had to do, establish Avengers as an on-going team, introduce basis for Civil War, and expand the universe for movies in development WHILE giving an entertaining action flick – it paid.  I am sorry that those three characters took the turn they did.  I am sorry the Hawkeye/Blackwidow chemistry was ignored.  I am really really sorry we will never know what happened between them in Budapest.

Captain America Civil War

This one I can say stepped up to the plate and knocked a home run.  Not only did it blow the bitter taste I have for the excellently started horridly ended book arc of Civil War, it had a tight full plot that was built well on the previous movies.  Honestly this Civil War story was fully thought out, had the full compliment of characters and gave us the ending we deserved not one that just ended it on time for the next arc.

I thought it was a good place to spin in the new X-men movies but alas big studios just can’t do those things.  Yet we did get Spiderman here and his small part was epic.  Love that Aunt Mae was finally of realistic age and that Tony hit on her.  YAY!  Thankfully the farmer Hawkeye was referenced but left in the dust of the plow and he was back on the job doing well.  The sides breakdown made sense to me. I enjoyed the conflicts and alliances.  Honestly Bucky and Falcon interaction was spot on and gave some great comic relief.

I saw points on each side about the use of superpowers.  But in the end I agree with Capt. I think in many ways Tony was too emotionally but was trying to play the political game to keep the team alive.  It set it up well for the reuniting of the team for the now one movie of Infinity War.

X-Men Apocalypse

I always go into the new X-Men movies with some trepidation. After X3 who can blame me? I’m gun shy. Generally I come out pleased. This one wasn’t great nor was it horrid but rather, it’ll just do.  I’ve never been a fan of the Apocalypse story line to begin with thus I came with a disposition of “eh, let me see the Wolverine.”  I did get to see him in a cameo that well suited his history and took the killing onus off the teens.  Sadly Jean didn’t warn him he was off to a mediocre movie that tried to tell his backstory.  Then again she was caught in one herself, so maybe she just thought the world was that way.

As for the story line passing the torch from Magneto and Xavier to Jean, Scott and the crew it did well.  We got glimpses of some great characters. Yet it felt like something Marvel is prone to do at either studio – character stuff a movie until it’s unwieldy.  While easter eggs in the film for those of us who follow comic books are grand, overly doing it just to have actors pop up in character is distracting. Not only that it does an injustice to that character and the characters who are the main ones in that movie.  In the end it was predictable – Jean phoenixed, fixed it all , and they got a glimmer of her destructive power.  The team went back to the mansion rebuilt it (ah-gain) and the school went on.

It was a movie Apocalypse. I didn’t care about the books. I don’t really care about the movie.  Either one entertained me briefly but neither grabbed me.  In the end I was left wishing for a better story as I always am with that one.


Now this is the comic book movie I’ve always wanted! I have loved Deadpool and his fourth wall breaking, pop culture referencing, off color commentary for years.  I, like many, were sad to see him so brushed aside in the Wolverine Orgins movie.  I was thrilled with this treatment of the quasi-hero.  Ryan Reynolds gets Wade Wilson and his fans.  For that we thank him greatly.

We got a movie that wasn’t character stuffed but had many subtle homages to the world of the beloved Merc with a Mouth.  That Bea Arthur shirt was fantastic!  He was violent and unapologetically so.  He was deranged in just the right balance of crazy with heart that keeps Deadpool from going too far over the edge but far enough that he’s offensive to those we comic nerds enjoy offending.

The box office success of our Chimichanga lovin’ merc did my heart good.  I’m glad it showed you don’t have go over the top in expense and number of recognizable characters to go over the top in the story. It’s comic books dude the lead characters will do it for you!

As much as I love Deadpool, I despise his frequent partner Cable.  I see they are wanting to bring Cable into the movieverse and I cringe.  I have no love for Jean and Scott’s alternate future timeline baby whose come back, or over, or whatever, it took to partner him up with Deadpool.  I’d be more for Hydra John to come in, he did do a bit of a cameo in this film (how’s the wife and kids John?), as a sidekick. So here’s hoping they don’t ruin Deadpool 2 with Cable. Remember the key to Deadpool is he’s the only sane one in the comicverse because he knows he’s a comic book character and talks to the readers.  He gets what he is and is okay with it.

WHEW!  That’s my two cents four times so you got eight cents worth in one post.  I know Thor 3 is filming and I look forward to it. (As does Thor’s roommate Darryl I think)  From what the stars and director have tweeted from the set it looks to be light and fun.  I know Infinity War was just announced to be cut from two movies to one.  I think that is a good call story wise something Marvel rarely gets until it’s too late maybe Disney story experience helped them like it helped Star Wars (**ducks** thrown material from die-hard fans).  I still want a Hawkeye/Blackwidow stand alone movie that tells us what happened in Budapest.  Oh and as always I want more Loki… **Grins** maybe tell me what happened between falling off the bifrost and appearing in the teseract?  Are you listening Marvel? (from my lips to Kevin Fergie’s ears I hope)

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