Thursday Throwback – Milas Lavator Rolen

Miles Lavator Rolen adjusted

Milas Lavator Rolen my maternal great grandfather

Continuing on the sharing of my great-grandfathers here is my mother’s father’s father – Lavator. He didn’t use his first name which at times is given as Milo, Miles, or Milas. His sons, my grandfather and my Unkie both agreed Milas is correct, as one of their brothers was Milas and his son is Milas too.

There are more stories I know of Lavator. He was a sheriff of Sevier County in Tennessee for several terms. He was a revenuor, one who looked for illegal stills for the US Marshals. He went undercover often and listed his occupation as farmer on census at the time.

One story of his undercover times he went to the college where his oldest daughter went to school. She heard there were new students and one was so suave and handsome. She went with a group of giggling girls to go meet the new ones and see the handsome one. Who did she find as the suave and handsome one? He father undercover! He did bust the illegal ring.

Later he had a terrible stroke. My great grandmother <a href=””>Ollie Belle</a> tended him.  His sons pulled together to help. It was about three years of being bedridden.

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