Monday Memories – Drinking Through A Straw-aw-aw

Aaron learned to drink thru straw 1994

My photo 1994 Tiger’s Stadium – Mike and Aaron.

Okay this was a memorable day. This day, Aaron learned to drink through a straw. It was a big step forward for us given his ear infections.  As recommended we weaned him off bottles early and to sippy cups. The next big step was mastering straws. This is THE day he mastered it! Being Aaron he added his own flare by going “AHH!” after every drink. LOL!

All I have to say is look how young they were! Look at that! Oh and this was the last time I ever cared about MLB. This year the players struck, killing the season, killing our chance of more fun days like this one. It’s been 22 years. I still turn the channel when the news of ESPN covers MLB. I long for it to be defunct as it is in Star Trek universe. I did give in once when Aaron in middle school won tickets to the Brewers. We went and I read a book when the teams took the field but enjoyed the day out and seeing the spectacle around the game. At that Brewers game Aaron had long dropped the AHHH! after every drink through a straw. Just wanted to assure you he did drop it.

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