Wednesday Wildcard – A Heartbreaking Farewell to Mr. Blue


Mr. Blue was always the care taker of the Kitties.  He was the fearless leader who made sure to divide his time among laps in the room.  He kept his brother’s ruckus nature in line and encouraged Mo to be part of the family.  When I think of the gentleman kitty it shall always be of my Mr. Blue.

Sadly he kept his departure low key for us too.  He died while Mike and I were on our cruise in February. I know this is late in bidding him a proper farewell but with the move and all that followed I thought it best to wait and do it properly.

Luckily Aaron was near-by and could respond.  We coped as best as one can in such a situation with burning on-board data, emails, and such we made the decisions about his rapidly declining health together.  I cannot say I don’t regret being the one there for him at the end, but I rest well knowing he was in loving arms as he moved on to whatever is next for gentleman kitties.

The tears I shed were selfish ones wanting him with me longer but honestly he gave it a good long run – almost 20 years.  He loved with all his being from the first day he stepped upstairs at our home.  He saw our family mature, move, and settle into life.  He purred us through the challenges and triumphs.

He went from gawky just out of kittenhood to muscular Alpha Tom to frail gentleman kitty with grace and aplomb.  If nothing may I have learned how to age with the grace and understand he had.  I was lucky to have known him for almost two decades.

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