Monday Memories – When Flying Was Fun

Delta plane card frontDelta plane card back

I got this card simply because it brought back good memories when flying wasn’t a humiliating human herding slog but instead an event, an adventure, and FUN!

Oh yes kids, gather around and let me tell you of the days of travel before seats were kindergarten sized and flights were always massively oversold. Back then you got real whole cans of soda for drinks. You got a free deck of cards for the asking even if you were in coach (which is now worse than steerage on the Titanic) You could check as many bags as you wanted. People could go to the gate to see you off. Yes they had to go through screening (that just had started in January of that year). And yes there were free pens, stationary, and post card in the pockets of the seats. That’s where this came from. So now onto Helen’s note to M.E. in June 1973.

Addressed to Mrs. H. C. Foye, Route 2, Sweetwater, Tenn. 37874

Dear M. E. Didn’t get many cards mailed in our short week in the Caribbean Found this card on the plane. I enjoyed San Juan very much Found Virgin Island rather primitive. Love, Helen

Okay first the addressee likes initials doesn’t she when she’s not hiding behind her husband H.C. she’s M.E. Now my maternal grandmother liked being Mrs. Man’s name. I guess I’m too 1970s women’s lib and find that completely insulting. I am a person I have a name. It isn’t Mrs. Mike! We are Capt. Michael S. and Ms. Mary Louise Eklund. I did take his name back then but I didn’t give up my given one. I never wanted to be defined by my marriage thus Ms. Me and not Mrs. Him. Done with my feminist rant.

Second I’m not sure what the Caribbean was like in the early 70s only that many hijackers were wanting to go to Cuba. Now I’ve never been to San Juan. I have however been to the American, Dutch, and British Virgin Islands. I found NONE of them primitive except for the wildlife preservation parks there. She seems to think there is one Virgin Island when there are many. So sorry Helen but I’m not sure you know where you went there.

So any memories of the Carib in the early 70’s welcomed, as are memories of the good old days of flying or any comments at all.

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