Monday Memories – A Bottle Tune

Coke bottle player Jamaica 1988

1988 In Jamaica with Mike and our bottle playing acquaintance.

Welcome to the late 80s! This is a memory from our honeymoon. We were married on a long weekend during my senior year in college. Then Mike has several schools he had to go to for training before getting to the submarine. So our honeymoon wasn’t after the wedding but rather when we had time. That came in August 1988 we went to an all inclusive resort in Jamaica. One day we went down to the market shopping. While there this guy stopped us and played a tune on a Coke bottle. Then he suggested a picture with him and Mike. So I snapped one and then **BOOM** he wanted money, AMERICAN money for his performance.

Now this was when money was tighter. We were between places, our furniture was in storage and we weren’t sure where our next duty assignment with the Navy was going to be. We’d saved for the honeymoon but it was snug, that basket Mike is holding is one of two keepsakes for we’d gotten – picnic basket. The other was a black and white pearl necklace, that I still love.

We still laugh at our coke bottle serenade and the up coming fee. At least we have the photo of the memory. While on that look at baby faced Mike! Can you believe I married him when he was even younger and didn’t rob the cradle! LOL! Oh and we won’t go into the short 80s shorts… ┬áLOL!

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