Wednesday Wildcard -Cozumel

In Cozumel Mike chose the Jeep excursion.  It was one where you drove a Jeep about the island in a tour to see ruins, a national park, spent time on the beach, and have lunch.  He was keen on driving but there were four to a jeep.  I cautioned that maybe, just maybe, he couldn’t drive the whole thing.  But we were paired with two lovely ladies, Mary Lou from Michigan and her sister (please forgive men 6 months later I can’t find my notes and the name escapes me), neither had an interest in driving.  So Mike gleefully drove the whole day!  There we enjoyed the sites, had a great lunch, I loved playing in the ocean, and even got me a nice wool blanket. It has the lighthouse of the national park pictured here on the design. The blanket was a must for Wisconsin winters as Mike had taken back the one he’d given me in college.

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