Monday Marginalia – Restructuring again

Just as you rearrange your furniture or move to a different house when life changes. This blog is changing a bit again to help me with keeping posts and daily themes. Monday is now Marginalia.

Marginalia in writing are notes in the margin, side thoughts in reading and writing. That’s the theme of the day. My side thoughts about things on Monday. The thoughts can be related to things in the blog or just thoughts that came to me that I want to share. Often like notes in the margin can be related to the main page or be thoughts the reader/writer had and didn’t want to lose despite not being related. Think of writing about say a historic event but then you remember “Ohh I need toilet paper at the house” so you jot that down off to the side to remind you to do that. Then maybe a bit down while working on the history piece you see an area that needs more research so off in the margin you note that or maybe later after research you come back and note relevant things you found in the margin next to where you’ll insert it in rewrite.

For now, Monday will be that side thoughts I want to share trips, experiences, post cards, and such. Stay tuned for the rest of our February cruise and more.

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