Freaky Friday – Time Traveler’s Tale


The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique

In some circles on the internet the name John Titor is synonymous with Time Traveler. The tale starts as far back of 1998 from a man that claimed to be on his way to or from 1975 returning to his home time of 2036. He said his name was John Titor. Just why did he stop here for a few years 1998 – 2001? What did 2036 want from 1975? Why did he stop in those years? Wasn’t he afraid of changing the time line? Was it real or a hoax? If it’s a hoax who did it? Why? If not why did he tell his tale on radio and internet? I’ll try to do justice to a convoluted tale of time travel, cigars, lawyers, and Florida. Yes this is a tale that could start with the infamous ‘A Florida man…’

A Florida man that claimed to be named John Titor a time traveler from 2036 showed up on various internet forums 2000 – 2001. Later it was determined a similar tale with the same name was faxed to the Coast to Coast radio show in 1998. There were differences in the 1998 tale and what he told through various posts in the 2000 – 2001. There are several websites that work to put his posts in some coherent order to get the full story. If you Google John Titor you’ll get quite a few pop up. I’m going to do my best to hit the highlights.

Basically he said that he was from 2036 living in a fort in the Tampa Bay area after a US Civil War broke the country into five pieces. He was being sent back to 1975 to get an IBM 5100 computer to debug a legacy program problem. Computer people speculated he was referring to the UNIX year 2038 issue, whatever that is.

He answered questions about this basic story. Time travel was discovered by CERN and he went into theoretic details. He published photos of his time travel machine first it was in a 1967 Corvette and later moved to a 1987 4-wheel drive truck. He published photos of a pin laser being bent by the effects of this time travel machine. Later a for profit John Titor Foundation published a book about his equipment. It was published by and is now out of print. You can find copies for sale on various book sites selling for $450 to $1300 each. (I’ll go back to the Foundation after the tale is told.)

Why was he the one sent back? His grandfather helped build the 5100. So it was felt that using that connection John would be able to get one of the machines. He stopped in 2000 to visit his family and retrieve photos that would be lost in the upcoming civil war. He wasn’t worried about effecting the time line referred to as the grandfather paradox (you go back in time prevent one of your grandparents from meeting thus wiping out your parent and you) because the multi-universe or multi-timelines existing at once is true. So he is merely starting a new timeline for himself and his home. (Which made me wonder how in the hell he’ll find his way back to the right timeline that needs the 5100. Won’t his carrying those photos prohibit him from going to the time he came from where he didn’t have them?)

He was posting online to raise awareness of the dangers of Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease and its potential epidemic effect. That’s Mad Cow disease. It was all over the news at the time. It was quickly under control once discovered when looking back. However Titor predicted it’d be a massive epidemic killing many. I don’t think the quick control had much to do with his few posts on it as it did have to do with the CDC and other governments responding quickly and purging infected cattle.

He did answer a few questions. No he didn’t know what UFOs were but suspected some were more advanced time travelers than him. The US civil war started building in 2004 to break out in 2008. Once settled (sometime between 2008 and 2015) there were 5 countries surfacing but to my knowledge he didn’t name them. In 2015 WWIII broke out but was brief due to use of nuclear weapons, several major cities in our known US were hit. Washington DC was ravished and thus the capital of what remained of the US was moved to Omaha, Nebraska. He was 13 yrs old in 2011 and joined the Florida infantry and from there he was selected for the time travel project. He shared their time travel unit logo which I used as the photo for this post. Thus concludes an overview of Titor’s tale.
Over time this tale became a major part of internet lore. In 2008 an Italian documentary was made about it. In their research they started with the John Titor Foundation that published the book. It did trace to a post office box in Kissimmee Florida and the posts came from an IP address in Kissimmee too. (Dude don’t want to be traced use Tor). Also that a person of the name John Titor claiming to be a time traveler with a similar but differing in details story had faxed his tale to the radio show Coast to Coast in 1998. That’s as far as they got.

In 2009 Hoax Hunter John Hughston on You Tube and his blog picked up the torch. From those leads he did find a Florida man behind the PO box and Foundation. It was an entertainment lawyer Larry Haber an entertainment lawyer whose brother John is a computer scientist. There is no record of a John Titor being born to be 12 in 2011.
Then from there a group of Florida college students open a YouTube account and follow the clues. They eventually meet with the Habers in a cigar bar in Orlando area. Now if you look at the photo John Titor posted of his time machine ‘bending a laser’ he’s smoking a cigar. Not a smoking gun… but an interesting link.

So over all it seems as if the Habers have the knowledge and ability to write such a hoax. Why? Well there’s been rumblings of the Foundation trying to sell the tale for a movie. There’s test trailers for such projects available on different places on the internet. So maybe it was an attempt at viral marketing before the movie proposal? Or maybe they did it just for the LULZ. It seems like a lot of effort to make all the pictures, write a book, and so on just for the fun of making people talk.  I come down on the side of viral marketing of a project idea that was a hobby for the two brothers. Now the predictions have passed and missed. People keep looking into it and keep coming to the Habers. My guess the project died after that.

Or maybe he was successful in his Time Travel. While here he hired an entertainment lawyer to guard his interests in this timeline. He stopped the Civil War by getting the 5100. He made Mad Cow not become a worldwide plague by changing our time line. Maybe he came back in time multiple times tinkering to make it point to the Habers. Maybe my cat and dog really talk and party while I’m gone. I mean it’s off panel of my life how do I know for sure what’s happening? I don’t but I do know what’s probable.

But this year in 2012 a John Titor II has surfaced. Again he’s come on the radio show Coast to Coast in September. He’s from the past not the future. So either it’s true and we have time travelers or maybe the Habers have another good tale to share with us all… I don’t know but I’ll be checking in on the story now and again, just to see where it goes because I love a good tale or be in on the ground floor of time travel made public.

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