Wednesday Words – Earth’s Cosmic Address

Once I wondered if I was to meet an alien and they asked me where I was from what would be the right answer. Yeah I knew Earth but heck what’s the name of my solar system? Okay I know the alien might have different names for the same places yet I didn’t want to look like a lost kid in the police station that didn’t know their address. So I did a bit of research… 

Planet – Earth

Solar System – Helios

Galaxy – Milky Way

Local galaxy group – (Hey if you know a proper name for this let me know, if it’s not named may I suggest Fred? John Doe’s Group?)

Super cluster – Virgo

Observable Universe – Laniakea (Hawi’ian for immense heaven)


So now before I’m probed I’ll at least have an intelligent answer to what’s my cosmic address.

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