Monday Marginalia-New Orleans

We didn’t see much of New Orleans before our departure.  Just dinner in the French Quarter the night before our departure.  We’d saved our touring for after the cruise.  It was here we used Uber for the first time.  One trip was great, the other – well we wound up going the wrong way on a divided highway and miles from our hotel but he corrected and all was good.  The worst trip was in a cab from the hotel to go home, so I’ll Uber again.  What did we do here?  We did the World War II museum, a ghost tour, ate, played with a ghost app, stayed in the House of the Rising Sun that was supposedly haunted.  All I can say is I didn’t like the old elevator – it felt like a coffin… was slow and cha-kunked it’s way up.  That scared me the most, I closed my eyes and clung to Mike on the way up.  Then we walked our way down.  What take the stairs up!  Pfft you gotta be kidding and miss riding in the coffin-vator?  There’s a small photo of him in it looking worried for me. Oh and the photo of Mike sitting in the sidewalk cafe looking all relaxed after breakfast is my new phone’s wallpaper.  Love that man, love that photo.

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