Wednesday Words – When Inanimate Objects Threaten

Ever seen something that just on first sight seemed malevolent to you? Say a doll that felt threatening? A sculpture that made Weeping Angels in Dr. Who seem tame? Your rational side knows it’s just an object but your gut screams threat. Yep there’s a word for that feeling. It is…

Resistentialism – The theory that inanimate objects are hostile to humans; hostility manifested by inanimate objects.

Now I know that sometimes non-threatening objects can be ornery like beads that roll away, or the ball that takes the wrong bounce.  When that happens they too are exhibiting a form of resistentialism.  So I talk to them, tell them to stay or don’t roll off.  It seems to help, if I do it in a friendly manner.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Words – When Inanimate Objects Threaten

  1. Interesting–I didn’t realize there was a name for it. I suppose a lot of people feel that way about clown dolls and some about most dolls, although I happen to be fascinated by dolls. I have a very similar doll to the photo that I picked up at an antique store. Then I got home and found a photo of 2-year-old me with the doll!

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