Thursday Throwback – BOO! Cake


Welcome to pre-K for Aaron in 1995. He was a scarecrow and signed up to bring the Halloween cake for his daycare class. Back then he went to Milestone EduCare in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I was more Martha Stewart-y back then so instead of doing what a sane mother with a job would do – order one from the bakery I made it. I have to say to this day I am proud of how the “Monster ARGGGHH!!” (make claw like hands beside your face while saying it) cake turned out. I do not want to know what it looked like when 8 3 yr olds and 2 teachers were finished. I like to remember it as it was. I’m sure no one else remembers, not even “Monster ARGGGHH!!” Aaron but I remember it fondly as my BOO! Cake.

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