Monday Marginala – The House Came With Jack


As you know our last kitty died while we were on our cruise in February. I do not do well without a kitty. Plans were to get a kitten when the spring kitten season came. Then the move developed and we decided it wasn’t fair to get a kitten and put them right into a big move like that. So revised plans were to get one once we got into our house in Tennessee.

Then we came to be shown around the property and how to tend the sprinkler system, hot tub, security system, and what not by the previous owners. The wife commented that where they were going they couldn’t take their cat. He was just over a year old and she was going to place an ad in the paper to give him away. Well, you know what I said. “We’ll take him!” So Jack the cat conveyed with the house to us.

He was a garage kitty when we got him but he’s now a house cat. He is silly kittenish and flops rather than lies down. For this Mike calls him FIFA Jack because he’s as good at falling to fake a foul as any pro He’s playful and loving. We were told he didn’t like being held but he climbs into my lap and cries to be picked up.

At first he was scared of Molly, she’s a big dog compared to the little Shiz-tu he knew. However they made friends and now I live with two romping children. They tag one another then play chase around the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bath loop. He likes to get behind a door and jump out at Molly who doggie laughs then chases him to nose tag him and it starts again.

He’s very into jingle ball and was disappointed to see that it wasn’t an Olympic sport. He’s now made it a mission between eating, napping, and playing to see that feline jingle ball is taken seriously as a 3am sport to be played on hardwood floors near sleeping humans.

Jack is a very welcome addition to our family. I’ll tell you more as we get to know one another and he matures.

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