Monday Marginalia – I survived the Galaxy Note 7


The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique

I survived the great Samsung Galaxy 7 Note recall return venture. It took three hours at my local store to do it but I did. I now have a Samsung Galaxy Active 7. It’s rugged for all that outdoorsy stuff I do like get poison oak without having a clue how I did it from paved areas. The fun news is that I get to do it all again when the Note 7s are back on the market, you know when I want to kill half a day in my local cell phone provider’s store.

Honestly I love the note. I had a Note 4 and adored it. So I was hoping they’d just dial us back a model to the Note 5. I know, I know I can count but there was no Note 6 skipped right ahead to the exploding Note 7. Yep that’s what the recall was about. The phone, well actually the batteries, can explode. If you toodle around on You Tube you can see video of this. It’s much like the hover boards did just POP and fire. Great thing you want to happen in something you carry with you all the time and sleep with charging on a end table by your head. Mine didn’t seem to be a trouble maker. He didn’t get as hot as my old note did. But the battery of my old note when removed after trading in on the upgrade was puffed. So maybe it thought about exploding but didn’t. Hey that was the Note 4 so no recall there. Any way the cell phone store had a metal quarantine box just for Note 7s. Just in case one decides to pop off.

Honestly it takes time and effort to set up a new phone to your liking. You know, all the apps that you use and love and think you’ll use. Then for me it’s podcasts and audible book to get downloaded. Oh let’s not forget the Kindle app for reading books I check out of the virtual library. Then once all of them are installed you have to sign-in to them all and suffer updates. Phone software updates, app updates and the permissions so they all work together as your old phone did. I’ve not touched on custom rings for people, wallpaper choice, and various notification sounds. The setting up the do not disturb and it’s exceptions. Oh and getting all the icons in the arrangement you are used to and prefer. And don’t forget shutting down those useless apps that come on it from the manufacturer and provider that you’ll never use but they won’t let you actually remove even thought I don’t have Direct TV nor do I want to pay with my phone.

Then there’s learning the ways of the new phone. You know the cool little features each design has. I use the same brand because first I’m a Droid person no Apples ever for me. Second the layouts tend to be similar. So I know where my home screen button is, where my back button and the all apps open button. The last one I use a lot because I’m bad about forgetting to close apps and that closes them all with two touches.

So I finally got my Note 7 all comfy automatically updating the podcasts I listen to, find my place in my two books (Audible one and Kindle one). I’m signed in on all my apps. Mike is smiling back from a New Orleans street café on my wallpaper. It’s good and I get the recall. Hours of work and gigs of data shot as I hand over the potential grenade that is all set up for a new one. Now granted Samsung has this nifty transfer app now for their phones. We did it and about 60% of the work was done for me. An improvement for sure. But while my podcast play transferred my subscriptions did not, I’ll have to go do those convince thing for each subscription that yes I’ve really listened to most of the podcasts I just need say the most recent one or two. Still have to do all the updates and sign-ins, finding my place in my books and so on.

Until then I’ve got a durable GOLD active phone that’s water resistant and has a more durable screen. Still it has a case and screen protector because part of the recall was turning in the accessories you got for the Note 7 to get them exchanged for ones that work with your new phone. For me that was case, screen protector, and cable for car charging.
By the time this one feels like home and I’m not reaching for the stylus that I so miss to jot a note to myself or avoid fat finger typing it’ll be time to turn it all in again. – Get the new case, get the new cords for the great USB C connection and set it up all over again. Then I’ll have to recalculate myself to the handy stylus. Gee Samsung wouldn’t just replacing the ‘splody batteries with non’splody ones have been easier on all of us?

2 thoughts on “Monday Marginalia – I survived the Galaxy Note 7

  1. It might have been if they had better control over why the batteries passed the quality testing and were still ‘splody What cracked me up was “Any way the cell phone store had a metal quarantine box just for Note 7s” Oh what a wonderful feeling it must be to have a phone that had to have quarantine boxes in the stores,

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