Wednesday Words – When Arguments Don’t Matter

Long ago I quit watching the news on TV. There were three things that drove me away.

1) Blatant Political Slant – I don’t care which way it was. None were reporting the news they were spinning it.

2) News-tainment – Who won the previous night’s Dancing With The Stars isn’t a lead news story. Taylor Swift’s latest break up isn’t either. (Let’s face it the girl needs break-ups to write songs and she’s got a whole album to fill so there’s many of these)

But I never had a word the third thing. Now I do it was the…

Brabble – noun from English in the 1530 – to argue loudly about something inconsequential.

It was the fact they always got people who would never agree if it was daylight or dark.  Two entrenched on their sides talking heads  who would shout over each other, interrupt anyone else, and had were so sure of their correctness that their ego would fit on camera.

I got sick of it.

I stopped watching.

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