Monday Marginalia – Leoma, Tennessee


Leoma Post Office

So in June we closed on our house here in Tennessee and moved in. Then I promptly broke my foot, rather Molly did. Then as I was recovering Mom didn’t want to be topped so she broke her leg. Now, that brings us to September. I’m finally getting out and getting shots of our new community to do a post.

That’s our post office for our little unincorporated community. It doesn’t have drive thorugh drop-off boxes if you want something fancy like that you’ll have to drive to Loretto, TN to the south or Lawrenceburg, TN to the north. We don’t have a grocery store. The only gas station is a mile off on Rabbit Trail Road. Our population is a whopping 5,068. Below are the highlights of town (honestly almost all of town.)

First off a few facts about here we have 61-90 days a year that exceed 86F (30C). First frost is usually between Nov 11 to 20 and last one is between March 11-20. The annual average low is 46F (8C) Yes my Wisconsin friends below freezing is rare here and they warn you to bring in your hose on those days. The annual average max is 69F (20.5C). Annual precipitation is 59.62 inches.

Our population is older median age is 45.6 years with households being 2.75 people. 51% have a high school diploma, 25% of those have an associate degree or higher. 48% Female and 53% male.77% born in Tennessee 12% are Native American. 57% are employed with majority working in manufacturing and second largest employer is medical field. 37% of the population is retired. Only 35% of the homes have children.


Leoma School

That explains why all grades K-12 are in one school.



The Leoma Fire Department sells fireworks around the 4th of July to raise money.


Leoma Volunteer Department



On hot days they sell SnoCones too…



Dollar General Store, Leoma, Tennessee

Across the street from that is our store in town – the Dollar General. It has all you need in Leoma except gas. If you need anything else you’ll have to drive to Loretto. If you want something from say Home Depot, Target, Best Buy – you’ll have to drive to Florence, AL.


Preston’s Restaurant 



Anne’s Diner

We do have two restaurants. I’ve not eaten in either but did have take away from Preston’s. It was good chicken strips and tossed salad. The other is Anne’s Diner.


Leoma’s Water Department

Between them is our water department. Yes please note it is only open three days a week and closes when the lady at the counter decides to take her lunch for as long as lunch takes.

I’m not sure why we only have a water department.  We get our power and gas from Lawrenceburg Utilities and they supply water to others but in Leoma we do it ourselves. I’m sure there’s a history of why I just haven’t found it yet.


Lawrence County Archive

We are the home of the Lawrenceburg Archive. There you can research records of the county. It’s primarily for genealogy research but also holds land records, wills, and court records. There’s a drive-thru county clerk there for renewing your car tag, but don’t go in to do it. It’s drive-thru only.

While I was making this picture I was parked by the side of a road and moving back and forth to get the best shot of our prettiest building in Leoma.  An older man in a beat up truck stopped to ask me what I’m doing.  “Making pictures of the Archive to post in my blog.  I’m doing an article on things in Leoma.”  He looked really confused.  “Why in the hell would you do that?”  He didn’t wait on an answer but drove on.

The original known inhabitants are the Chicksa people known as the Chickasaw tribe. In 1540 DeSoto made it about this far north but then left. In 1817 there was a treaty with Chicksa people allowing settlers to come into the area. Then David Crockett moved into the area and it grew from there.

It’s a shock moving from a very suburb environment sitting between Chicago and Milwaukee. I had a three grocery stores walking distance from my house there. Here I can go north to Lawrenceburg or south to Loretto to find a grocery. Each is a fifteen minute drive. So I’m definitely more Amazon dependant for many things even restocking on dog food.

I love the weather now that we are out of the 90s every day. This week I slept in my office looking at the lake with the windows open. It’s lovely here and from talking to people who live here they see snow on the ground, they all call it a day close up and stay home. If it’s freezing out there’s a HUGE debate if meetings should be held making people get out in that weather. (Remember we have palm and palmetto trees here). So I’m getting used to small town life while loving the weather.

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