Tuesday Thoughts – The Intern


The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique

I’m very picky about comedies but I do like a ‘fish out of water’ comedy. You know the type someone is in a situation they are unfamiliar with but after some funny errors they make friends get into the groove then by their adapting they change the new place for the better and everyone wins. Yay. That is that I thought The Intern was going to be.

From the ad campaign I expected it to be a funny tale of the experienced businessman learns new tricks as an intern at a successful start-up and the start-up learns proven lasting power from the experienced businessman that came in as a lowly intern. But that’s not what I got, instead I got a chick flick. I don’t like chick flicks.

The movie had some good moments of the ‘fish out of water’ scenario. Though over all it was about the female owner of the new start-up having to apologize for being a successful business woman to her husband that felt so emasculated that he just HAD to have an affair.

For Hollywood is was a ‘smart turn of the tables’ on gender roles. Husband at home feels underappreciated has affair. Working wife sees the error of her overworking ways and apologizes. They get over it and move on stronger.

Yet for me I’ve never seen either side of the tale as poor stay at home parent, boo evil leave behind family worker. My concept is if you feel unfulfilled it’s not your partner’s job to finish you as a person. You have to do that yourself, an affair doesn’t do it either. You have to do it yourself. Maybe just maybe if you are a complete person in your marriage it will improve. Just as you support your spouse, your spouse supports you.

This tale hit many sour notes for me personally. The idea that having sex with someone makes you a complete person – be it your spouse or affair. The idea that you don’t support your spouse who builds a very successful business from nothing to a national/worldwide company. Really if you didn’t then you were a lousy spouse long before ‘she neglected me’ started. I know she loved him but for the sake of her child she needs to show that just because you love someone isn’t enough to make a relationship. There is mutual respect, there is mutual support, there is open dialogue, there is standing up for yourself, and there is the responsibility of being a whole person in your own right before entering into a relationship. I cringed as they got back together but the same problems were still glaringly there.

How does the intern fit into this? Well he’s wedged into the middle seeing both sides and wondering when do you tell your boss that’s becoming your friend that their spouse is unfaithful? Never a good spot to be in and not a funny one for a comedy. The whole mood was killed. The reason I was there was gone – this isn’t funny. In the end I left annoyed and disgusted that a fun movie became a sappy chick flick.

In the end if you are looking for a comedy – don’t look here. If you want soap opera drama with just a touch of misogyny on the side then this is for you.

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