Monday Marginalia – Roadtrip to the Past


One day we decided to drive over to Mike’s old stomping grounds. His family moved to Waverly, Tennessee from up north when he was in 5th grade. (Finally came to their senses left the snow). So for him it’s pretty much where he grew up. It’s not far from here and on a Sunday before football season started we drove there by back roads. Then we had lunch at the Waverly Café which is new to town since he left 33+ years ago. These are photos from the day.


On the road on a beautiful day…


Scene along the way… sometimes it’s worth taking the back way there.


X marked the spot where we had lunch.



The theater in Mike’s home town was named for the proprietor’s three sons – Mike, Dean, and Gary. The name when pronounced sounds like My Dee Gay


The house Mike considers his childhood home is for sale again.

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