Wednesday Words – A Group of Cats

I am of the feeling a house isn’t a home without at least ONE cat. Yet I was at a loss as to what I should call my group of feline furry babies. Then I found out and with that I found out what to call a group of feral felines because we all know the furry babies that purr on our beds are different from the wild ones that mouse the warehouse and run from humans. So what’s what when it comes to cats in groups? Let me tell you.

A group of domesticated cats is a clowder.  So when I’d wrangle three cats for a move I was clowder wrangling.

A group of feral cats is a glaring.  Which judging from Thiery’s photo above is an apt name.  Actually judging from any feral cat I first encountered it’s an apt name.  They are good at the verb usage of that word too.

Sure with work, patience, and time a glaring can become a clowder.  But not all clowders could become a glaring.  Such is the nature of pampered feline fur babies.

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