Monday Marginalia – Autumn In The Garden


The hydrangeas had dried beautifully made a dry bouquet for indoors.  Then when it started shedding Jack found them delicious!  So I tossed them.

The time had come when I was settled in our new home AND didn’t have a cast on my foot. It was fall and the garden needed some prep for the season. We did trimming back or the wild bushes so spring blooms would be dense, cleaned up the dead parts of things, trimmed back the irises (FINALLY) and generally got it back in shape. Here’s a few pictures of the day.


This plant had been there for some time and as I hobbled by it I kept saying it was a weed.  I was told by three people it wasn’t.  Yes it was – it was beggar’s lice .  Taking it out I was covered in the dang seeds.  Took forever to pick all the seeds from my clothes.


Weeding and fall trimming filled the tarp many times.


Our neighbors watched and enjoyed a few treats of leaves from the work.



Fall flowers might not be as showy but they a are lovely.



I had to Google ‘why are azalea blooming in the fall?’ To learn there are dual bloomers that bloom in Spring and Fall with smaller blooms and less profusely each time to the single bloomers. In Charleston our azaleas bloomed in spring were a riot of color then were a nice deep green the rest of the year.


Here’s the finished product with mum’s planted.  Then I found some decorative peppers!  I saw these before and didn’t get them.  I went back to get them but they were sold out.  I kicked myself I loved the red, yellow/orange, and purple.  Then they got more in and I snatched up two plants!


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