Wednesday Words – An Arrow’s Name


Arrow by Peter Hellberg on Flickr. He has graciously licensed the use under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic .

We’ve all done it. We’ve all stood looking at a map of a mall, amusement park, office complex and found the ‘you are here’ arrow. Except that arrow has a name and it’s not ‘you are here’ arrow.

What we are looking for is the IDEO locator.  Like many things I wonder about and look for the answer this led to more questions – what’s IDEO stand for.  Well it stands for  Innovation, Design Engineering Organization. Well DUH.  Okay so what do they have to do with that arrow on maps at building complexes? Well they came up with the idea.  They are a design company who thought of marking the place on the map with that white arrow.  The maps are not to scale either but rather have pathways larger and rooms smaller to assist people in planning their route to their chosen location. So next time you wonder how to get to the nearest rest room and check out the posted map thank IDEO for the locator and easy planning on how to get there in time.

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