Monday Marginalia – Congratulations to Sara!


This beautiful lady is Sara. She’s my son’s fiancee. Yep, this month he popped the question to his long term girlfriend. The marriage is in a few years. I’m getting a wonderful daughter without all the mess of raising one. But that’s not why I’m congratulating her. I’m congratulating her for graduating college. She’s now a physical therapist going on to medical school! That she worked hard for and made it! We are all so proud.

We made the trip up to Wisconsin despite the polar vortex to attend her graduation and help them move to their temporary apartment. We decided that trip only made us more thankful we moved south. Every day at least three times a day we said to one another “I’m so glad we don’t live up here in this any more.” LOL! So one trip a year to the horrid winter of Wisconsin makes us even more grateful.

So please stop by Sara’s Facebook and wish her the best.  Below are a few shots from our trip.

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