Freaky Friday – Finding Dulce Base


underground by Chris Frewin on Flickr. Who granted use under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic posted with photo. Thanks Chris!

Welcome to 2017 Freaky Fridays. I took a break over the holidays. Now I’m back with tales of an underground base that is uneasily shared between aliens and humans complete with a Hall of Horrors that were gentic testing results between earth life (including humans) and alien life. Apparently at one point the uneasy sharing of this base resulted in a shoot-out fight between aliens and humans. I’d not dived into these but noticed them referenced in fictional works. So I decided it was time to jump down this rabbit hole and see if I could come up with a theory on how this got started. So what did I find?

Before I get into how it started, let me tell you what I found was the original story and just who were the first to tell of Dulce Base.  As I said Dulce Base is said to be a base underground shared by humans and aliens.  It’s supposed to be located under Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, New Mexico.

This was first told about by a business man  Paul Bennewitz an Albuquerque, New Mexico businessman who deserved a Freak Friday post of his own.  For now we’ll just touch on his connection with Dulce.  In 1979-1980 he was convinced he was picking up communication between the base in Albuquerque  and outer space or interdimensional aliens.  It was from eavesdropping on these communications at his home that he learned about this base.  Later John Lear, son of Lear Jet founder, claimed he too had independent proof of this base.  From what I understand he was the one that added to the base that it was connected to other bases about the USA with a network of tunnels.  This one had a secret underground high speed rail connection to Los Alamos Labs for support.

At one point Bennewiz teamed up with New Mexico State Trooper Gabe Valdez  to try to determine where the signals from the base were originating.  Valdez was know for investigating cattle mutilations in New Mexico on his own time.  They said the signal from the base was tracked back to Archuleta Mesa. Which is rather large and runs across the Colorado New Mexico boarder.

Then a man named Philip Schneider a self taught geologist and explosive expert that added more details and color to this base.  He claimed he was hired to work on DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Base) all around the country.  He said there were 129 of these across the nation.  He personally worked on 13.

In 1979 he said he was involved in a firefight between alien greys and the US Military underground at the Dulce base. He said he was doing his job there by going down into holes to look at rock formation to plan explosives to deal with openings.  In one of these opening the humans stumble upon the greys’s secret underground base.  A fight broke out between humans and aliens.  Who the humans were varied in different reports I read and watched it was the drill team, Green Berets, Black Berets (?), Special Forces (unnamed), and/or Secret Service.  Any way Schneider said he was there and 60 to 67 people were killed.  He was one of the three survivors.  He said the scars on his chest and his missing fingers resulted from this battle.  He confronted a 7 foot tall stinky alien who had a box on his chest that he pressed a button and Schneider was hit by a blast from the box.

From 1994-1996 Schneider went on the speaker circuit to various gathering and conventions to blow the cover off this base.  There are videos on YouTube you can watch of him speaking.  They are not great but you can glean his message from them.  He mostly talked about black budget operations he was a apart of, government cover-ups of deals with aliens, and various UFOs.  He had numerous claims and I’ll touch on the ones related to Dulce beyond the firefight one.

He claimed in 1954 President Eisenhower signed a treaty with extraterrestrials called the Greada Treaty. In return for advanced extraterrestrials technology a number of select humans could be abducted tested upon and/or implanted. Now it is my impression from this the aliens brought their wish list of humans the government approved some struck some off.  I am not clear if these people were always returned to the wild so to speak or kept by the alien or a bit of both.  Any way these aliens were so powerful and finally realized that they didn’t need the puny humans to agree with what they were doing.  So they just broke the treaty and got who they wanted.  Now I’m not clear on if this was before or after the joint base was built or if this was at the secret base that Schnieder’s team accidentally drilled into starting the fight.

Next he claimed the Dulce base was seven stories. It and many of the DUMBs in the network were funded by illicit black budget drug sales.  Going from the top surface to the lowest facility level there was security and communication, human habitation, executive offices and labs (presumably for human employees), mind control experiment floor, alien habitation, genetic experiment floor aka Hall of Horrors, and finally cryogenic storage.  I am not clear how the issue of the dead 60 to 67 humans and unknown number of aliens was overcome to build this base.  But now supposedly it is in operation with an uneasy co-working alliance.  Yeah they broke the treaty and there’s been firefights but still it’s going.

Schnieder claimed he got cancer in his chest from the weapon the 7ft alien used.  In 1996 he died.  It was ruled a suicide but his family and others disagree saying he was killed to silence him.

Finally Thomas Castello or Costello surfaced on a few internet forums claiming to be a former guard at Dulce.  He claimed he had worked directly with the aliens there. He expanded the aliens to include Reptoids who have occupied underground bases here on earth for centuries.  His boss was one named Khaarshfashst and was quiet cranky.  They moved about with other human/alien hybrids, and other aliens that are working with us by a next work of tunnels through the US.  They make bioweapons for the RAND corporation that is a cover for the New World Order.  They are 11 alien races that are known about by those in the know.  Two are friendly (apparently Reptoids and greys) and the others aren’t.  I’m not sure where the seven foot stinky one that shot Schnieder is supposed to fit into all of this.  Hybrid?   Now unlike Benewitz, Valdez, Lear, and Schnieder I cannot find anything about Castello (Costello) except his posts.  So I leave him and his claims here as a mention related to the story of Dulce.

Whew…  that’s the stuff I could dig up with some sources attached to it.  I think if you are still with me having read through that you see connections to various fictional works of movies, comic books, video games, and such that came along after 1994 that have heard of this and used parts as inspiration or basis for their own works.

First off is Dulce base real?  I don’t think so.  Let’s look at two known underground facilities NORAD (yes the one that tracks Santa) in Cheyenne Mountain Arizona.  Like all bases it takes a lot to support the workers there.  If you look at it on Google Maps there’s roads, there’s areas with parking, there’s vents.  There’s a town of good size near by to support the workers there.  There are tell-tale signs that SOMETHING is going on.

Okay let’s look at the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) that is an underground facility for the storage of hazardous, radioactive, or mixed waste. Again parking lots, roads, facilities to support those who work there are seen.

Another government structure that was underground were missile silos. We all know that some of these have been sold off to private people. Some have been made into cool homes but even these where most of the activity was again underground – had surface buildings, roads, parking lots near them. Here’s one right on the corner of hwy 52 and hwy 59 in Nebraska. Oh and here’s the NPR article that helped me find an example of a missile silo.

So let’s go to an known active, remote, and secure government joint operation base. HAARP Research Facility near Gakona, Alaska. Now admittedly like the other two it is not known to be an underground facility. Like the claimed base though it is remote and has a small town near it that supports the workers. Here there’s not as much as at NORAD or even as much as WIPP. But if you zoom in on the facility you’ll see stuff but it’s kinda dark. I noticed that on many bases we lived and worked on when I looked at them on Google. I’m guessing that’s how they kinda hide details. BUT you can still see there is a facility there that has structures to support humans.

Here’s the last base we lived and worked with McDill.  Mike worked there underground in a control area.  But you’ll see how where we rented boats and went on the beach is just like any other neighborhood.  The golf course is great and the commissary booming.  However other areas of the base I didn’t use or go to are there but not as clear in the zoom bit a dark.  You can see there are structures there, you can see all around there are support areas for the humans working there.  It’s a base obviously.

Now go back and tool around the mesa area up there.  It doesn’t fit the known bases and underground facilities we know about.  There are no surface buildings.  There are no vents, no roads, no parking areas, no signs of scars where the construction was or earth was moved/removed to make such a base.  Nothing but well natural landscape and very few roads.  This is why I believe nothing is there as big as a seven story underground base with humans of some sort of covert group working there.

So were these men who told the story just making it up for attention?  No I don’t think that either.  I do think they believed they were telling the truth.  The truth they knew, except for the elusive Thomas Castello who I think was an internet troll.

Bennewitz had several hospitalizations for extreme paranoia and other mental disorders that disrupted his ability to live life.  Theories as to why he had this are another Freaky Friday rabbit hole for later investigation.  Whatever the cause Bennewitz himself worried if he was getting reality and something else confused, blurred, losing his ability to tell what was real and what wasn’t.  Could this have sprung from his  mind when it was in that state?  Possibly.

Lear is one who wants to believe.  He really wants there to be aliens from outer space here now.  He’s said so.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t but sometimes when you really want to believe – you find what you are looking to believe.  I can’t say one way or the other about the reality of if there are or aren’t aliens here now.  I can only say I’ve not seen evidence that stands up to my playing devil’s advocate to convince me they are.  However  I find the thought intriguing.

Schneider was an ill man by his own admission.  He had cancer and was receiving treatment from it.  Sadly his rants remind me of signs of paranoia, delusions, and even schizophrenia.  I’m not a professional so I can’t diagnose them as such but it’s enough to raise my antenna in that direction and check out what he says for hard documentation. Where are the 60 to 67 dead’s families?  Why is it not consistent as to who they were Green Beret which are Army Special Forces?  Black Berets are not a military force in the US.  Yes the US Army wears black berets with certain uniforms but it’s not a distinction like Green Beret is. Special Forces is a broad catch all term that really doesn’t say much in this situation SEALS, Green Berets, Rangers, Delta Force, etc.  Finally the Secret Service?  Really?  That falls under neither of their missions to protect elected officials nor protecting the currency.  However that vague government black op, special op, out to tail and get me notion does match the writings of schizophrenics and paranoid delusion patients I’ve read when studying abnormal phsychology.  The whole wide webs of his tale reminds of that.  See the movie A Beautiful Mind to get a gist of what I’m talking about or have a chat with a mental professional about common traits of story structures in people with these types of conditions.

Valdez was looking into something very strange. He was wanting answers after years of oddness.  I think alien base gave him the bugga-boo he needed for answers.  Black government secrecy added more answers to what he’d experienced.  So he went with it.  Good men have made worse mistakes.

In the end it’s only my opinion based on my lack of findings, my personal knowledge of military bases, my life experiences.  I think this is a dark tale based on some truths of underground structures and secret government places that fed a mind that was going through dark times.  The tales appeal to us deeply as they resonate with our basic fears of unknown and things hiding in places we can’t see.  Sadly this is not what I wanted for Freaky Fridays.  I wanted unsolved mysteries like the Somerton Man  or glimpses into secret world like Number Stations or looking at crimes in hopes of seeing some answer or pondering historical mysteries.   I didn’t want to travel into mental illness but it appears to me in this tale I have.  It’s sad, it’s fascinating but in the end it’s not freaky it is just what happens when minds function abnormally.  I regret the pain this story has caused Bennewitz and Schineder along with their families.  I don’t think there’s an answer to their deaths any more than there are answers as to why these concepts and beliefs tortured them so.  Perhaps in the end that is the real Dulce Base Hall of Horrors what our minds can do to us and others when they turn to fearful dark places.

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